Mac's Recruiting Board - the Big 'uns

Mac's latest recruiting board on offensive linemen and defensive tackles.

Offensive Line

A decade long sore spot with UNC fans, of which Coach Bunting has made no secret of his desire to upgrade.

Target Number: 5

Commitment: Whit Efrid (6-4, 310, 5.1, NC) - Whit comes to UNC out of West Stanly HS in Oakboro. Whit is extremely strong, as evidenced by his 410 bench press and 525 squat. He averaged 5 pancake blocks last year and also performed the kicking duties for West Stanly.

Offers: UNC, ECU.

Ranking: Top 70

Official Visit: 1/11

Recruiter: Brewer

Remaining Board:

1. Marcus McNeil (6-7, 310, GA) - Marcus currently lists UNC, MIA and GAT as his three favorites (also lists AUB and TN), and he grew up a UNC fan when he lived in Fayetteville, NC. He has since moved to GA, but still has some family in the area. Visited NCSU for UNC-NCSU game and reportedly made his way to the UNC locker room after the game. Official visit to UNC on 11/30 - post visit says he favors UNC slightly over MIA and GAT after the visit. 46 tackles and 13 sacks at DL as a senior, 76 pancake blocks on offense.

Offers: 40+

Official Visits: UNC 11/30, TN 1/11, AUB 1/18, MIA 1/25

Rankings: Top 10

Recruiter: Huxtable
Projection: UNC

2. Brandon Jefferies (6-5, 270, NC) - Brandon hails from Shelby, NC (Crest High School, same school as Chesley Borders). Quick for his size (4.8 40) and strong (400 lb. Bench press). He will probably wait until late January or early February before deciding - first said to favor TN, then said he was wide open among TN, UNC, and NCST, now back to saying TN leads slightly. Has now narrowed list from 40 to 3 (UNC, TN, and SC). Visited unofficially for the WF game.
Offers: 40+

Official Visits: TN 1/11, UNC 1/18, SC 1/25

Recruiter: Powell

Ranking: Top 10

Projection: Tennessee

3. Jabari Levy (6-8, 300, SC) - CLEM and SC lead TN and UNC for this mammouth OL prospect out of Berekely, SC. Benches 320. Jamie Newberg recently said he is the fastest rising prospect in the South and may be the #1 OL prospect in the nation in his mind.
Official Visits: TN 1/11, SC 1/18, UNC 1/25, FSU 2/1
Offers: SC, CLEM, TN, UNC, FSU

Ranking: Top 30

Recruiter: Caldwell

Projection: South Carolina

4. Kyle Ralph (6-5, 280, OH) - Very smart and talented player who committed to Vanderbilt earlier this spring, but has now opened up the process following Woody W's departure. Illinois currently holds a slight lead.


Rankings: Top 40

Official Visits: ILL 12/7, PITT 1/4, UNC 1/11, SC/BC/OSU 1/18, FL 1/25
Recruiter: Tenuta

Projection: Illinois

5. Brian Johnson (6-5, 290, FL) - Top national OL prospect who had recently stated that either UNC and LSU are tied or that UNC leads, followed closely by LSU, depending on the service. Now saying he is going into his final visits with an open mind.
Official Visits: LSU 11/30, UNC 12/7, CLEM 1/11, ARK 1/18, NCSU 1/25.


Rankings: Top 50

Recruiter: Brewer
Projection: UNC

6. Dustin Fry (6-3, 300, SC) - State wrestling champion and former HS teammate of current Tar Heel Chase Page. Bench presses 400 lbs. and squats over 600 lbs. Currently favors Clemson. Visited UNC unofficially for the ECU game.
Official visits: UNC 11/30, SC 12/7, MD 1/4 and CLEM 1/11.

Offers: CLEM, SC, UNC, MD

Recruiter: Caldwell
Ranking: Top 50

Projection: Clemson

7. Jonathan Palmer (6-5, 300, GA) - OT/DT who best projects as an OL at the next level. Teammate of UNC lean Marcus McNeill. Benches 340. Loves GAT's electrical engineering program.

Official Visits: GAT 1/4, AUB 1/11, UNC 1/18, CLEM 1/20, VA 1/25

Ranking: Top 50

Recruiter: Huxtable

Projection: GAT

8. Patrick Faulk (6-3, 260, NJ) - OT/DT prospect. His cousin Kurt Faulk played football for UNC in the 80s. Teammate of current UNC commitment Melik Brown. 90 tackles and 8 sacks from his DT spot as a senior. UNC currently has a huge lead. Conflicting reports on whether UNC has offered.

Offers: UNC (?), MD, MINN, PITT, SYR, WV and WISC.

Recruiter: Webster

Ranking: Top 100
Projection: UNC

9. Matt McClaron (6-5, 290, GA) - Big, smart OL who has emerged as of late.

Offers: STAN, NW, UNC

Ranking: Top 100

Visits: NW 12/14, UNC 1/11, STAN 1/18, CLEM 1/25.

Projection: Stanford

10. Jonathan Benson (6-5, 280, NC) - West Montgomery student who was awarded the prestigous UNC Morehead Scholar with a 4.4 GPA and a 1570 SAT. It is my belief that UNC would likely be recruiting him but for his Morehead candidacy - i.e., if he comes to UNC as a Morehead Scholar, could "walk on" the football team because UNC isn't recruiting him. UNC's main competition for Jonathan is coming from Harvard, Yale and Princeton, with schools like Stanford, Virginia and Wake Forest actively recruiting him for football and academically.
Projection: Morehead walkon to UNC

Defensive Tackle:

Ryan Sims was a huge loss at NT, leaving a wide open battle for the starting spot and an opportunity for early playing time.

Target number: 1

Remaining Board:

1. Mickey Rice (6-1, 290, 5.0, SC) - Visited unofficially for the WF and DUKE games. Currently lists MICHST, MD, SC, TN and UNC as his top five (visits unknown). 88 tackles and 8 sacks as a junior.


Official Visits: MICHST 12/7, TN 1/11, UNC 1/18, FL 1/25

Recruiter: Caldwell

Ranking: Top 60
Projection: UNC

2. Quincy Darley (6-2, 280, 4.9, SC) - 105 tackles and 13 sacks as a junior and 92 tackles and 15 sacks as a senior. Shrine Bowl selection.

Offers: GAT, WF

Official Visits: WF 1/4, MD 1/11, UNC 1/18
Recruiter: Caldwell

Ranking: Top 70

Projection: Wake Forest

3. Jamil Smith (6-4, 280, 4.8, NC) - Western NC product that is starting to make some noise on the recruiting front. NC-SC Shrine Bowl selection - has reportedly been impressive in practices.

Offers: GAT, WF, DUKE

Recruiter: Huxtable

Ranking: Top 70
Projection: Wake Forest

4. Sheldon Lewis - DT prospect from Naussau Community College in Long Island NY. Visited UNC officially 12/7. Webster is his primary recruiter. His other school interests are unknown.




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