Telep releases new 2006 rankings

Slowly but surely the Class of 2006 is beginning to shake out. After the summer, we produced our list of the Top 25 prospects in the class. This week we're expanding to 50! 2006 Top 50

Since the end of the summer period we've seen a number of players. For the most part, the highest rated guys have been able to sustain their summer momentum, but a few – like Wayne Ellington – have picked up even more steam.

In an effort to broaden our coverage of the Class of 2006, has expanded it Top 25 list to now include the 50 top prospects in the country.

There's been no change at the top as Greg Oden prepares to defend himself against challenge and triple teams all season long. Word is leaking out that David Lighty, a solid Top 25 prospect, is ready to explode.

We're preparing for a battle for the top point guard slot this year and each of our top-ranked floor generals is in the Top 20 as Conley, Augustin and Lawson go 18-19-20.

In short, the list is going to change as players continue to emerge and grow during the beginning of the second half of their high school careers. So, here's our take – at least for now – on the 50 best prospects from the Class of 2006. 2006 Top 50

Plus, once you are in the database, be sure to click on each position and determine for yourself the strengths and weaknesses in the Class of 2006!

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