FBall Recruiting Update: Marcus McNeil Interview

Inside Carolina talked with All-American OL Marcus McNeil about the Peach Bowl and the resignation of Robbie Caldwell.

Marcus McNeil

Inside Carolina – Marcus thanks for talking with us. Did you get a chance to make any Peach Bowl practices?
Marcus McNeil – No. I wanted to but I didn't have a way to get there.

IC – Did you get a chance to watch the game?
McNeil – Yes. I saw the game.

IC – What did you think?
McNeil – I liked it.

IC – Who were you pulling for?
McNeil – Carolina.

IC – Have you heard that UNC's offensive line coach resign today to take a similar position at Vanderbilt?
McNeil – No, I haven't heard that.

IC – How would impact how you view Carolina?
McNeil – Not much. I really did not know him.

IC – Who are your favorite teams now?
McNeil – Carolina and Miami are my two favorites.

IC – What about GaT? Are they up there still with UNC and Miami?
McNeil – Mmmm, not really, but I am still considering them.

IC – Who was your primary recruiter at GaT?
McNeil – Coach Kelley the wide receiver coach.

IC – Did you know Coach McWhorter the OL coach?
McNeil – Yes, I knew him. I like Coach McWhorter.

IC – Is Coach Kelley still on the GaT staff?
McNeil – No, he is gone.

IC – If UNC hired Coach McWhorter would that help Carolina in recruiting you?
McNeil – I'd say yes that it would.

IC – Have you set up your official visits?
McNeil – Yes. I have TN 1/11, Aub 1/18, and Miami on 1/26.

IC – Are you planning to visit GaT officially?
McNeil – No. I don't think so.

IC – I saw where TN is recruiting you as a TE. Is that true?
McNeil – Yes, that is true.

IC – Where do you like to play?
McNeil – I like playing TE.

IC – Where is UNC and Miami recruiting you to play?
McNeil – Miami said that I could play either OL or DL and Carolina is recruiting me as an OL.

IC – Thanks for talking with us Marcus and good luck with your visits.
McNeil – Thanks for calling and Happy New Year.

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