FBall Recruiting Update: Thompson and Carter

Inside Carolina talked with UNC prospect Moe Thompson and the father of UNC prospect Ryan Carter following the announcements of Steve Spurrier and Robbie Caldwell resigning.

Moe Thompson

Inside Carolina – Moe, I wanted to talk to you tonight because a report is out on the internet that UNC offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell has resigned to take a similar position at Vanderbilt. Did you know that Coach Caldwell was considering leaving?
Moe Thompson – No I did not. When did this happen?

IC – If reports are true, it happened today. He wasn't fired or asked to resign as far as we know. He has a close friend that just became head coach at Vanderbilt. Word is that he left UNC to work with him. What I was wondering is how that might affect your consideration of North Carolina?
Thompson – I'm not sure. I will probably wait and see what happens when I take my official visit (1/11) to North Carolina.

IC – Have you spoken with any of the other coaches?
Thompson – I have talked with Coach Browning and Coach Bunting.

IC – Thanks for talking with us Moe. Good luck with your visit.

Ryan Carter's father

Inside Carolina – Mr. Carter thank you for talking with us. I was wondering if you had heard the news about Coach Spurrier resigning.
Mr. Carter – Laughing, oh yes we've heard. You are about the 50th call we have gotten. We are extremely stunned.

IC – Does Ryan still consider himself committed to Florida?
Mr. Carter – I would call it a "soft verbal". Steve Spurrier's name is at the bottom of the offer letter and since he is no longer with the University of Florida then we don't consider the letter valid until we hear from the new coach.

IC – What does Ryan like about Florida?
Mr. Carter – Well, Florida is an excellent school, the SEC has good competition, and the Florida team would not have to go through a building process. The main thing is Ryan really liked Coach Stephens. If he goes then I don't know if Ryan will really consider Florida.

IC – Ironically, UNC's OL Coach (Coach Caldwell) has resigned to Coach at Vanderbilt.
Mr. Carter – Really? Ryan really liked Coach Caldwell. That's too bad.

IC – It gets more interesting in that Coach Stephens is said to be a leading candidate for the position at UNC. If Coach Stephens should come to Carolina would that influence your son to go to Chapel Hill?
Mr. Carter – Well yes. Ryan really likes Coach Bunting and North Carolina is such a great school. If Coach Stephens were to go there, well …. Coach Stephens is such a great OL coach.

IC –Would you say that he is a good recruiter?
Mr. Carter – Oh yes. Really tells it like it is.

IC – Which schools would Ryan consider now?
Mr. Carter – UNC, BYU and OK. Florida depending who they get and the status of Coach Stephens.

IC – Thanks Mr. Carter. We'll talk to Ryan in a couple of days after all this has had a chance to sink in.

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