Weekend Recruit Stats

Inside Carolina tracks the performances of UNC's football commits each Friday night. Pictured - Cam Thompson.

Andre Barbour
Team Result: Season Over
Notes: Didn't qualify for the playoffs

Jose Cruz
Team Result: Beat Forest Hills 29-22
Notes: Two catches for 28 yards

Aaron Stahl
Team Result: Beat Charlotte High 35-0
Notes: N/A

Bryan Dixon
Team Result: Beat East Columbus 49-6
Notes: 45 yard INT return

Darrius Massenburg
Team Result: Beat Southeast Halifax 26-20
Notes: N/A

Mark Paschal
Team Result: Beat Bishop McGuiness 49-17
Notes: Two rushing touchdowns (24 and 18 yards)

Richard Quinn
Team Result: Willoughby 29-19
Notes: N/A

Bobby Rome
Team Result: Beat Booker T. Washington 34-25
Notes: Completed 7-of-20 passes including four interceptions, but rushed 17 for 129 yards including a 35-yard rushing touchdown

Nick Starcevic
Team Result: Beat Monroe 41-14
Notes: Post 163 yards and three scores on 12 carries. "We have a lot of confidence in our running game," Starcevic told the Charlotte Observer. "The offensive line made huge holes. We just needed to make one cut and then we had room to run."

Brandon Tate
Team Result: Beat Western Alamance 28-14
Notes: N/A

Camaron Thomas
Team Result: Beat East Montgomery 27-25
Notes: N/A

Cade Thompson
Team Result: Beat Rhea Count 34-0
Notes: Completed 14 of 23 passes for 274 yards and three TDs

Kennedy Tinsley
Team Result: Beat Rockingham County 43-7
Notes: N/A

E.J. Wilson
Team Result: Lost to Nottoway 32-16
Notes: N/A  

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