Press Conference Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen to what head coach John Bunting, and players Brian Chacos and Mike Mason, had to say during Tuesday's gathering with the media ...

John Bunting (32:21)
  • "We've got to win. Let's face it, the pressure is on. This will be a battle of wills. The last time we went over [to Wake Forest], we were pretty much embarrassed. We know what we're up against. We've put ourselves in a position to do something special. We've got to take advantage of it."
    Brian Chacos (9:47)
  • "Obviously, this is a great opportunity for this program and this team. This team has really bounced back after an up and down start. I think we really turned it around after the N.C. State win. I think that was the biggest win of the year, even bigger than the Miami win."
    Mike Mason (7:02)

  • "We know we've got a chance to go to a bowl game and last year, we knew we didn't have a chance to go. We know we have that opportunity, and that is our goal as a team. We know we just have to accomplish what we have to do. If we want to go, we have to win these two."

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