Ellington: Offer on the Way

Thanks to some electrifying late summer and fall performances, there aren't many players in the country whose star is brighter than Wayne Ellington's. The class of 2006 stud from Merion (Pa.) Episcopal is a 6-4 wing, who is adding some point guard skills, and has got some of the nation's elite showing him love.

Among the schools that have shown strong interest are Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, UConn, Villanova, and Wake Forest among others. Just about everybody on his early list has offered and, according to Ellington, an offer from the Tar Heels should be coming soon.

"I was just notified that UNC is going to offer," Ellington said. "My high school coach has talked to one of the assistant coaches and he said that they were going to send it in writing to make it official."

"I was just notified that UNC is going to offer."
Ellington said he'd like to make a decision sometime next spring and will look to conduct some visits, both officially and unofficially, since the only campus he's gotten a good look at is Villanova. For the moment though, he's more worried about getting his high school season started when practice tips off on November 19th.

Episcopal is going to play in several national events and Ellington is excited to hit the road with his talented partner -- and fellow 2006 stud and UNC target -- Gerald Henderson, a 6-5 wing.

"It's great, I love playing with him by my side," said Ellington. "I think that we make each other a lot better. On the court we can trade off things so that we do a lot more and it is a little easier to get looks."

Because the two play together on the same high school and AAU teams the subject of attending college together has come up. However, Ellington dismisses it as a major factor and is more concerned with finding the right fit for himself without having to worry about keeping anybody outside of his friends and family happy.

A very engaging kid, Ellington is enjoying his free time until the season starts by playing a little Playstation 2 hoops. His favorite players to use are former Heel commitment J.R. Smith, and Kobe Bryant. Not only is Bryant a personal favorite of Ellington's but it is also the person his game has been the most compared to even if he feels like he's got a lot more to prove as a player.

"I don't really let that go to my head too much or worry about what people are saying," said Ellington. "The first time it was pretty exciting because he is an incredible player, but I haven't done anything yet to deserve that kind of hype."

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