UNC-WF: Locker Room Audio

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Holley, Mitchell, Sensabaugh, Justice, Scott, Durant and Brown addressed the media following the game.

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Jesse Holley (1:11)
  • "I knew I had to catch that one. I had no other choice but to catch it in the end zone and get this one over for the seniors. It was a stop and go route down the field."
    Derrele Mitchell (1:10)

  • "This means a lot. After they scored, our coach told us to stay focused and come back and play our game. It feels good when I can help my team out, either this game or that game."

    Gerald Sensabaugh (1:51)

  • "[Durant] is our man. That is all you can say about him – on the field and off the field. He's a great person. He's there to make plays when we need him the most."

    Doug Justice (1:10)

  • "[Durant] makes so much happen with his feet. He can throw on the run. He has the ability to make that 50-yard run, so it gives you time to get behind him. We always have the ability, but I don't think we have met our full potential yet."

    Chad Scott (1:32)

  • "We got off to a slow start, but we made a lot of adjustments in the second half. On plays that we were hitting it quick, we were able to get some good runs. We came out and pounded it in the second half."

    Darian Durant (1:13)

  • "I'm just trying to enjoy this college moment right now. I'm not even thinking about it. We weren't conservative; we just wanted to get into field goal range. We had the wind at our backs."

    Jason Brown (1:55)

  • "Our offense…we have so much confidence in our defense. And we know we can give them so much more confidence when we do well running the ball and passing the ball."

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