UNC-WF: John Bunting Quotes w/Audio

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The UNC coach addressed the media following the game...

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Opening statement:
"That was a heck of a football game. I was really proud of our guys being able to hang in there for four quarters. It didn't look good at one point, but I think they did a terrific job of rallying around each other. We knew it would take four quarters to beat this football team. So to see us come back and win this ballgame at the end is a tribute to our players and staff that really hung tough. It was great crowd and a great day for football."

Was the touchdown pass Darian's call?
"Absolutely. That's a tribute to Darian. He's a playmaker; we all know that."

Talk about you decisions to go for it on fourth down.
"We are going to play aggressively. We thought we might have a chance with the field goal, and we were able to pull it off and score afterwards. That was a big play for us. On the fake punt, I give Doug Justice a tremendous amount of credit. We may have to put him in on 3rd and 1's from now on to use as our ‘special' back."

How important were the tight ends today?
"We're going to take what we think is given to us. Jon Hamlett and Scott Brummett did a great job of receiving the ball, making some plays for us and moving the chains. The tight ends are a big, big part of our offense. We have those multiple personnel groups and it's great to get everyone involved."

On the team's focus on bowl eligibility:
"Right after Utah, the entire team focused in on what we had to do to finish this season. We lost some games and looked poor at times, but at other times we looked well. We know what we're up against with the schedule that we have. To get to this point with one game left to play and be in a position to do something special…I have a tremendous amount of respect for the way we've played this season."

Can you talk about Darian's touchdown?
"That was so far away from me at the time, that I had a hard time seeing it. I think it was tremendous what they did. Once again, we had some dropped balls today, but our quarterback hung in there. He's a tough individual, and I'm really proud of Darian Durant."

On the short kickoffs:
"We didn't intentionally kick it that short, and it was not very good. But that happens sometimes. The wind was a factor in the game. Just like those great golfers try to knock it down, we were trying to knock it down and drive it deep on the ground to the kick returner."

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