Fball Press Conference Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- John Bunting, Darian Durant, Jason Brown and Jeff Longhany addressed the media on Tuesday...

John Bunting (32:21)

  • "We're glad that game with Wake Forest is over. It was a battle of wills, as I told you. We were lucky to win it in some ways, because we made a lot of penalties and mistakes. But, we did win it and you can't take it away from us. We don't play them again until 2006, so we have a whole extra year to rejoice."
    Darian Durant (6:28)

  • "No one around here has forgotten about [last year's loss to Duke]. Usually around here, when something good happens, we're used to hearing that bell ring. We realize it is missing and that's our No. 1 objectve.
    On coming back after the loss to Virginia Tech:
    "It was a great feeling, because that's what you play the game for...to be in situations where it's up to you lead your team to victory. That's the thing about this game, you have to wait a week to redeem yourself."
    Jason Brown (4:31)

  • On the play at Wake when you pushed the pile and Darian Durant into the end zone:
    "When I see that Darian is unyielding to go down to the ground...their teammates are rushing to try and bring Darian down to the ground...at that moment, I somehow ran up to Darian and wrapped my arms around him and I feel like we are just that close. So I star to push him. Of course it seemed like a 'no-win' situation with five of them and two of us. He was not going to go down to the ground."

    Jeff Longhany (4:38)

  • "The SAM linebacker has to be the most disciplined. A mistake I make is going to cost us a 50 or 60-yard play. The mistake a MIKE linebacker might make...that could break, too. But, a mistake I make could really hurt us. I think it's starting to come around for me. For the last couple of weeks, I've had some good games."

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