McKeen Gets UNC Offer

After finishing his high school career, Shea McKeen turned to Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School to help him gain attention from the college coaches. After a long road, the first offer is now in sight.

"My coach said today I got my first offer, from North Carolina," said the 6-foot-5, 255-pounder who plays defensive end and tight end. "I was just at a banquet and that is when [UNC assistant coach James Webster] called me.

"He called my coach earlier and told him they were offering me and setting up an official visit for December 3rd."

McKeen said he wants to stick to the defensive side of the ball, but is willing to play wherever he can to see the field.

"I love tight end, but I have more of a knack for the ddfensive side of the ball, I think I can play D-end," he said. "I'm very aggressive, even on the offensive side of the ball. Even when I block, we have a bunch of plays that set me in motion and let me tee off on the defensive end."

As for favorites, with things just starting to get under way, McKeen wants to stay open to all the teams on his mailing list.

"I'm definitely going to wait, because that was my first tape that I sent out so far, so it was the only school that has tape," he said. "I sent out 22 more tapes between yesterday and today.

"I really have an open variety. My number one really is Penn State, with Boston College, Purdue, and Maryland also in my top five. The rest should receive it Thursday by twelve, so we should find out a lot tomorrow. Everything really just got moving because I missed the first five games of the season because I had mono. I got lucky to play four games, but it looks like things are going to work out."

For McKeen, things just happen to have a good way of working out. Another coincidence is that former teammate Dakota Walker may be able to take an official visit with him.

"I'm originally from Oakcrest (N.J.). He's actually taking a visit there," McKeen said of his teammate. "I'm calling him because his visit might be the third, too. I know he's taking a visit there, I just need to find out when it is. He is my next-door neighbor, and a good friend of mine."

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