Roy Williams' Sunday Quotes

It was a Who's Who at the table on Sunday as each of the participating coaches met with the media in Hawaii. Here's a transcript of what UNC head coach Roy Williams had to say ...

How do you prepare for three days in a row of this level of competition?

"We're not as excited about being here probably as we would be if we had played better on Friday night against Santa Clara. I would have been a heck of a lot more excited. For us the preparation of turning right back around after not playing very well and not playing good against Santa Clara…they did some great things and we congratulated them. But there is some tension in our place. We've had some long meetings and some long practices, but only for one day, because you do have to turn around since we did play Friday night.

It is a phenomenal field. I think it's the best tournament. You can look at any tournament this year and it's the best. We're very happy to be here. My players asked me how many times I've been to Hawaii. I told them I've got enough points on the Marriott awards system down the street, that if they fire me, I've got 14 free weeks I could stay there."

On the effect of Raymond's absence on Friday's loss:

"There is no question we are a better team with Raymond Felton, but we can't just use that as a crutch. We didn't play as well as we needed to play. Santa Clara did some really good things that made us look bad in a lot of situations. They had tremendous guard play. I learned a lot about our team. Some of those are negative things that we've got to continue to work on. These games that we're getting ready to play can give you some true feedback, not just what you expect or what you might think. But we didn't play nearly as well as we want to on the defensive end of the floor and that has been a huge emphasis for us this entire preseason. To allow a team to shoot 50 percent against us the first time out was very disappointing for us. But we do need Raymond Felton in the lineup; there is no question about that. It was a very difficult assignment for Quentin Thomas, the freshman point guard.

"Santa Clara had already played four games and it was just our first game. I think that is an advantage. And I think that's why we coaches look forward to these games – to get some games under our belt."

On early season experimental rules:

"I think one thing the rules committee is trying to do is have experimentation before the final decisions are made. I think over the last several of the years Hank Nicholls has been involved as a consultant with the rules committee and I was on the committee, I think what you want to do is before you make decisions to change the game you would like to have some information; so that's the reason we have experimental rules to be used in these types of tournaments. Then if you have responses from those coaches, then the rules committee looks at them more favorably when the time comes to make decisions to change the game.

"Personally, I think moving the line back nine inches is good. I would not – in my personal opinion – want to move it back to where the NBA line is. I'm not in favor of the wider lane. I think if you move the line back nine inches and leave the lane where it is, you have more separation and you have to make more decisions; so I like that part. That little arc in front of the basket, I happen to think that is a good idea, but you don't really know until you see how the officials are going to interpret it and how they're going to call it."

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