UNC-BYU: Roy Williams and Player Quotes

LAHAINA, Hawaii -- Head coach Roy Williams, and players Raymond Felton and Sean May, fielded questions from the media after the Tar Heels' rout of BYU on Monday night ...

Coach Roy Williams opening comments:

"Needless to say we feel a lot better than we did last Friday night. I think there were two keys to the game -- the first key was our defensively intensity and our level of enthusiasm we had on the defensive end of the floor that translated into easy baskets. I don't think we were exceptionally sharp on the offensive end of the floor. We didn't shoot the ball very well at all. I think the defensive intensity we showed on the floor took them out of what they were trying to do on the floor. I really feel good about how our team bounced back from a very disappointing loss Friday night. It's good to have Raymond out there. I'm glad to see him finally hit a field goal in the second half. Sean, Jawad and Marv and thoses guys on the backboard were extremely big for us. I thought David Noel was very big on the backboard as well."

How does it feel to be back out there Raymond?
Felton: "It felt great, you know, versus Santa Clara I almost broke down in tears watching them play. I couldn't go out there and help them out. But you know it felt great, we had a great game. We played great defense but still have a lot of things to work on."

Raymond, the biggest thing needed to do?
Felton: "I think just somebody to set the tempo on the defensive end. It starts with the point guard. I try to pick up the defense all the way to half court. That's what I did today."

Sean, did it feel like a home game?
May: "Yes. In a way we definitely had more fan support than they did. We did a great job. Our fans they really helped us through this one. Home or away we have to be a better road team. We know that so we treat this just like a road game. We don't pay attention to the crowd even though we do realize they're there. We're treating this tournament as three away games."

Sean, how does it feel to have Raymond back?
May: "I think you can see the difference. He sets the tone. He's our general. We feed off of him. I told him to lead us tonight. ‘We need you out there to set the tone.' He did a great job of that tonight. He makes great decisions with the ball. He hits guys when they're open and gets us easy buckets. I think that's why we were able to win so big."

Does the bench getting in help you guys for tomorrow and the rest of the tournament?
Felton: "Definitely, definitely. We're not going to be as tired as some of these other teams. This year we have a lot of depth and I think Coach is going to do a great job of using that."

Ray, how do you like the new 3-point line?
Felton: "Honestly, I really don't worry about it. I just try to get into my shot, try to get into a good rhythm and try to knock down shots."

Sean, do you like the new lane?
May: "I like the wide lane, just because of the fact there's more space on the floor. Things get so packed in there, guys reaching in, you really can't make a move. For me the wide lane helps me a lot. Being able to see the floor and make a move quicker."

Sean, why was the defense so tight tonight?
May: "I think this team woke up. We didn't bring our best game our first game of the season. That's sad but we had a wakeup call. We went through two really tough days of practice more so on the defensive end we were ready to play today."

Is the Santa Clara game behind you?
Felton: "Definitely we got to put that game behind us. It's definitely in our head. But we've got to put it behind us and move forward."

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