FBall Recruiting Update: A.J. Nicholson Interview

Inside Carolina talked with All-American LB A. J. Nicholson just prior to his visit to Florida State.

A.J. Nicholson

Inside Carolina – How are you doing A. J.?
A.J. Nicholson – I'm doing good. How are you?

IC – Good. Thanks for asking. Finally dug out of the snow. Did you get any snow?
Nicholson – Yes sir but unfortunately we had to go back to school.

IC – Wouldn't you have to make up the days in the summer if it snowed more?
Nicholson – No sir. My graduation date is fixed.

IC – Are you still planning to go to Florida State this weekend?
Nicholson – Yes Sir.

IC – Are both your parents going with you?
Nicholson – Just my mom. My dad has to work.

IC – Do you know Thomas Clayton?
Nicholson – Who?

IC – He is a verbal commitment for Florida State that said he would try to convince you to attend FSU.
Nicholson – No sir. I don't know him.

IC – What do you like about Florida State?
Nicholson – They have a good football tradition and their coaches are nice.

IC – Do you have a favorite team?
Nicholson – No. I have visited TX. That was my first official visit and that kind of established a standard. I want to give all the teams an equal chance. I plan to spend the next 4-5 years at a school and I want to make sure I do my best to pick the right school.

IC – Have you set your UNC visit?
Nicholson – It will be February 2nd.

IC – Thank you for the interview A. J. and have a safe trip on your visit.
Nicholson – Thank you for calling.

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