UNC-USC: Roy Williams Quotes w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – UNC coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the game…

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Opening statement:
"Okay, we were very pleased with the outcome, and very pleased with the way we played. I think we were in a little bit of a frenzy defensively in the first half, and that's good if you can do it and still be fundamentally sound as well. I think they had either sixteen or seventeen turnovers in the first half, and we missed several easy shots at the start of the game. You know, the first three of our four shots were within six inches, and we missed those. I was worried about us getting a little stagnant, a little too casual out there. I congratulate the kids for really being into it on the defensive end of the floor, particularly in the first half. At halftime we talked about how we'd done a good job defensively in Maui against Iowa and they came out in the second half and shot 65%, so it does look good and see that we held them to 35% both halves. I thought we were really active defensively. I thought Raymond did a nice job in a full court game of finding people, and Jawad and Sean and Marvin gave us a threat inside so it wasn't just a perimeter game. In fact in the first half I thought we shot too many threes, and I was happy that we didn't shoot as many in the second half. I feel very good about the win. I think we played exceptionally well and caught Henry's club on a night when they didn't play as well."

On the importance of team depth:
"I think it really contributed a great deal in Maui, probably greater than any single factor. Melvin [Scott] hurt his hip flexor the last game in Maui, and if you had to pick any one guy who came off the bench and gave us a greater lift than anybody, it was Melvin Scott for three games. He tried to play tonight, but it was just bothering him, and we'll have to hold him out of practice a little bit tomorrow and try to get him some rest. But I really do believe that, of anybody who came off the bench—Marvin did well, and I think David did well—but I think Melvin gave us the biggest lift coming off the bench in Maui. I've always liked to play where we have seven, eight, or nine guys, and I think I can give those guys enough minutes if they're honest and give all their effort the whole time, I can give eight or nine guys enough minutes where they're happy with it. And I think it's important to our team that you have fresh legs out there. Tonight was pretty much an up and down game, until the last four minutes it was about as sloppy as I've ever looked at. But sometimes those things happen. But in an up and down game, and the intense games we're going to have to play in our league and in some of our nonconference games, we're going to need depth."

On the play of Jackie Manuel:
"Jackie and I had a talk the other day. I think he tried to force some things, and didn't play as well in Maui as he wanted to play. I told him he doesn't have to do anything different than he did last year. He'll end up making some more shots because he's going to get open. But don't try to force it. And I think he understood and agreed. And I think he was really active. Today in the shootaround, he was really alive. I thought he'd make that dunk, because he was dunking everything in shootaround today. I think he probably feels better, quicker coming out of Maui than anyone else. Rashad is really a little bit dead, a little bit lethargic. Marvin said he's as tired as he's ever been in his whole life. But Jackie seems to have more lively legs."

On the benefits of travel:
"I think part of college basketball is putting them in different situations, exposing them to difficult things, and seeing how they bounce back. Going and playing as poorly as we did against Santa Clara and then having to go and play against three quality opponents in Maui, I think was good for us. I think travel is good. You know, it's not always come and play in the Smith Center and then go home and sleep in your own bed. You've got to be able to do things that are difficult and in adverse conditions. And sometimes just the change is good."

On the play of Marvin Williams so far:
"He's doing fine. I think my expectations of Marvin are out the roof to say the least. But again, he's five games out of Bremerton High School. You hear people talking about football, the game always being faster for quarterbacks. Well, it's faster for everybody from high school to college. Not only is it faster, but guys are bigger and quicker and stronger. So some of those things he was able to do so easily in high school, it does take a little skill and it does take a little savvy to do. But I'm very, very happy with Marvin. It's the first time in my career that I've ever had a freshman win the defensive player of the game award twice in the first four games."

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