UNC-USC: Locker Room Report w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Rashad McCants, Sean May, Jackie Manuel, Quentin Thomas, Marvin Williams and David Noel addressed the media following the game...

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"I thought we played great as a team tonight, especially defensively early. We got after them; it set the tone from the tip-off, and it paid off for us. We're just trying to take it one game at a time; we're trying not to have any slip-ups like we did [versus Santa Clara]. We can't use Raymond Felton as an excuse. But you know, he makes a big difference for us. Personally, I'm still a little jet-lagged, and my body is taking a toll on me adjusting to the times and all. But as a whole, I think we came together as a whole and had a great effort out there."


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"I've learned a lot from Raymond Felton and the rest of my teammates. They're helping me and I'm just trying to get used to it. It's real fun. My great teammates make it so easy with the flow of the game. I love playing with them. They teach me. Whenever I have questions, I ask them and they're always willing to tell me. They don't have a problem doing this. This helps me the most. From high school it's totally different. The energy you have to put in and the extra hard work. Coach Williams stays on top of all of us and I'm just trying to work as hard as I can to become a better player. I see areas where I can improve, but I just take this as a learning experience and try to get better day by day."


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"[Increased depth] has contributed a lot to this team. Main guys don't have to play as many minutes, so when they go in there, they're fresh and they can do what they do. When the other guys come in, I feel like we bring more energy to the game. I think it's done well for us. I know we were up for at least 24 hours straight, like to travel back, we were up for a long time. And on top of that, we came back and had practice. I think this year the depth has helped us out a whole lot."


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"Maui was great, but we didn't want to let down, especially in our own place. We knew we had to come out and start the game off with a lot of intensity, and we did a great job of doing that. It was tough. Guys were really jet-lagged on the way back. But we knew we had a game and we had to do whatever we had to get our bodies back on this time schedule. Our coaches did a great job. We got in from Maui and had a 15 minute practice, just to get our bodies tired so we would go to bed."


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"I've got to give credit to my teammates; those were the guys that opened the lanes and helped me get opportunities at the basket. I wish everybody played pressure defense, but I've just got to adjust my game and do the small things. It's fun, because we know with our defense, we're going to get a steal. We might not get many, but we're going to come up with a lot of them. When I got back, I lot like 12 hours of sleep, and I got like 11 last night, so I feel good."


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"College basketball is just so intense. You work hard every play, so I'm pretty tired. [My first Dean Dome experience] was great. I think me and Quentin had a good time. I just want to play hard and try to fit in where I can and give those guys a break. I guess it's an accomplishment [winning two defensive awards already this season]. Coach said I was the first freshman ever to do it. That's pretty exciting for me. I'm just going to keep working hard to see if I can do it again. It's tough [playing against bigger bodies], because I'm kind of a little guy. It's tough, but it's fun"

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