Indiana's Pregame Quotes

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - With a matchup against North Carolina on Wednesday, Indiana Head Coach Mike Davis and junior guard Bracey Wright took time to answer questions from the media on Monday.

On what kind of a game Indiana will need to play against North Carolina:
"I think we have to play a game like the Detroit Pistons played against the Lakers in the championship. Unfortunately, we don't have Ben Wallace or Chauncey Billups. These guys are really good. They are the best team I have seen in a long time. They push the ball down the court as quick as I have seen before. We have never faced a team that has the leading scorer, rebounder and assist guy in a conference returning. You have those three guys and all are going to the NBA. There is no weakness on their basketball team."

On Patrick Ewing's offense:
"With his passes and defense, it is definitely getting better. He just needs to continue to improve. He's got to keep working on his concentration. That is the key with Patrick on the offensive end."

On Patrick Ewing shooting three-pointers:
"I think Patrick can shoot the shot. He just hasn't taken enough or made enough to know it is going in when he shoots it. When he takes his time and goes up smooth, it is nice."

On whether not having Sean Kline makes an impact on his game plan:
"We just need a big guy to rebound the ball. Marshall Strickland, right now, is our leading rebounder. We just need guys to get four or five rebounds. All I want from our big guys is to screen and rebound."

On areas to improve:
"We haven't executed offensively, at all. I have no idea why. We spend a lot of time in practice on screening and cutting. When we get to games, our concentration is not there. Defensively, we have played well at times. I would like to see us execute a lot better offensively."

On playing a guard-heavy personnel package:
"We have no big guys stepping forward wanting the position. So we play the guards."

On what type of tempo he wants against North Carolina:
"We can't afford an up-and-down game with these guys. The last five minutes, those other teams that North Carolina has played wore out. You go back to all the teams that have played for a national championship, those teams only have three or four NBA guys. You look at this team and they have so many guys. That is the ingredient that you have for a national championship team. Sean (May), (Rashad) McCants, (Raymond) Felton, (Jawad) Williams, (Marvin) Williams, that is a special crew. We have to play our perfect game. We haven't played well the last three games. That's a scary feeling to know that you are playing the best team in the country and haven't played well your last three games. I don't know if tempo is what we are looking for, but we need to find something to grow and get better from this game. We just have to come out and play like crazy and make sure that whatever we have been doing the last three games does not come out in this game."

On ACC-Big Ten Challenge:
"You only like it if you match up one versus one, two versus two, three versus three, etc. Last year, we played Wake Forest and they were two and we were eight. A challenge is only a challenge when you play equal to where you finished or are predicted to finish. That's a challenge to me. We are playing a strong team Wednesday night. We played a strong team last year in Wake Forest."

On whether playing at home is an advantage:
"I just think if it comes when you have a really good team and pretty good talent level. We just have to figure out a way. We are just so young right now. I think we definitely heading in that direction. When you lose seven home games last year, no one comes in afraid of you."

On selection of captains:
"I'm still waiting. We are playing OK on defense, but are not executing offensively. We are so young. There is too much uncertainty out there. Fortunately, we played Indiana State and Western Illinois the first two games. DJ (White) made 15 points in 15 minutes. I wish we had a couple more of those. (Robert) Vaden shot the ball well and kept playing well for us. We need a guy to get it going. One good thing about playing teams like North Carolina is that you have no time not to play hard. You witnessed that last year with Wake Forest and Kentucky. If you have that five- or 10-minute lapse, it could be 25 or 30 points."

On North Carolina:
"I watched them play a few times so far. I watched the USC game. They look like the number one team in the country right now. Inside and outside, one through six, they probably have the best players in the country. We just have to come out ready to play."

On whether he considers the game to be a daunting challenge or an opportunity waiting:
"I see it as an opportunity. Our young guys will grow up in a hurry. It's an opportunity for us to figure out about our team and what we are going to do about this year. We can make a name for ourselves against them."

On whether IU's non-conference schedule from last year helping to prepare for this year's slate:
"I think we found out how good we were last year. It just shows that we have to fight every game. You know what happened last year in our non-conference schedule. We just have to make sure we come out and don't let that happen again."

On playing with Sean May over the summer and whether he gained anything from that experience:
"From what I have seen him play, I really don't know a lot of his tendencies. I know that he is in shape."

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