Tuesday PC Quotes (with Audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams and junior Sean May answered questions from the media on Tuesday afternoon, as the Tar Heels prepared to head to Indiana for Wednesday night's matchup.

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On the team's level of fatigue --

We had a short practice yesterday and gave them some rest time and I'm hopeful that with each and every day it gets better. If you think about it, we played five games in nine days and traveled 30 hours during that time period. It was pretty demanding for them.

His advice for Sean May for Wednesday night playing in his hometown –

I'm going to tell him just to be Sean May. He's a wonderful kid and a big time basketball player and can be very successful playing his own game and not trying to be anybody else.

On coaching Sean May –

He's one of the brightest players I've ever coached. If I've asked 100 questions in the year and a half we've had practices, I'll bet he's known the answer to 96 of them, whether it's about his position or another position. He's a fun guy – a guy you enjoy being around.

The early season success of the team's trapping defense –

The experience of going through them before has perhaps helped us and we didn't do a lot of it last year because I thought we didn't do it very well. When you do something less frequently it's more of a surprise which in itself can make it more effective. It was really effective against Southern Cal early in the game.

On Marvin Williams –

He's done exceptionally well. He's won the defensive award two of our first five games and I've never had a freshman do that. I just expect bigger and better things from him on down the line. He's a complete joy to coach and is the kind of guy that can make coaching a heck of a lot of fun.

Early impressions of Indiana –

They're extremely talented, and yes they are young, but that's not as important as it used to be in college basketball. … In Bracey Wright and Marshall Strickland they have experienced guards. … I know they're a team that's going to get better and better as the year goes along. If you're going to be inexperienced, it's better to be inexperienced up front than in the backcourt.

The state of the defense –

It's not where I want it to be by any means. We've had some pretty nice numbers in terms of forcing turnovers but I don't know if we've done all the forcing or since it's so early in the season that some teams aren't taking as good care of the basketball. ... We've let opponents take entirely too many open shots without getting a hand up and that bothers me more than anything. There's no way in my mind that this team can be the kind of team everyone is talking about if we don't improve drastically on the defensive end of the floor.

Biggest difference seen in Rashad McCants –

With the exception of the game Sunday night, his defensive grades have been far better than they were at any time last year. … He has really done a nice job on the defensive end of the floor and I think everyone on our team let down a little on Sunday in the second half.

Did the Santa Clara game help in any way?

It didn't help me any. I didn't sleep and was ticked off for 48 hours. It was just an unusual game. We had no energy, no enthusiasm and I really thought we'd have extra enthusiasm to make up for the fact that Raymond wasn't out there. … We just didn't play well and I know I didn't need it at all and I have a hard time understanding how this team needed it – we were just 19-11 last season, so it wasn't like we were 88-1.

When will Jesse Holley join the team?

I have no idea. I haven't talked to Jesse or talked to John [Bunting] about Jesse. My impression is that he'd stay 100 percent full speed ahead with the football team and after that's over with Jesse and I, and perhaps John, will talk at that time.

On Raymond Felton's injury and his toughness –

He's going to have it taped for quite a long time. It's going to be a slowly improving kind of injury so he's going to have that protection for a long time. … He's a tough little nut. He's had some injuries and things that bang him up, but he keeps after it. I'm very impressed with his toughness because I believe a lot of people wouldn't have played at all against Iowa.

SEAN MAY (17:20)

Anxious at all?

Probably not as much as you would think. Although I am very excited, my main focus is that I want this game not to be about me going back to Bloomington, we're just treating it as another road game. I'm just going to have a lot of people in the stands that I know. Right now I'm not overly excited, tomorrow during shootaround will probably be a different story.

Was there any point along the way when you had second thoughts about choosing Carolina?

Freshman year I had a lot of days when I called my dad and asked him if this was the best decision and he told me to stick with it. Right now I can say I made the best decision in the world. Out of all the schools in the country I could have gone to, I couldn't be happier now where I'm at in my game and in my career and in our team. I love it here and it was the best decision I ever made.

Bloomington vs. Chapel Hill fans –

I thought Indiana was the basketball mecca of the world and I get here and it's three steps ahead of them. … There are no fans like Carolina fans. … What other school could go to Hawaii and have 600 fans?

Hometown backlash from choosing UNC –

The day I made my decision, I went to school that morning – I went 10 minutes late because I tried to get my mom to let me stay home – and there were a lot of my friends who didn't want to talk to me, teachers who didn't talk to me the rest of the year. There were a lot of people close to me that I grew up going to their house and they had nothing to say to me and didn't come to see me play my senior year. That just opened my eyes.

Some of those friendships are still gone. I think about it a lot – these are people who I would see as stepfathers who took care of me and turned their back on me. It made me realize you can't trust everyone in this world and that some people want to know you for ulterior motives. I knew it would hurt a lot of people's feelings, but I had to do what was best for me. …

I've invited these people to come watch me play – there will be tickets waiting on them and if they show, they show and if they don't, they don't. … [I have] 47 tickets for friends, family – a lot of family coming down from Chicago, Ohio and a lot of close friends in Bloomington.

Was not being in your father's footsteps part of why you didn't choose IU?

A lot of it was, even though coming here now I realize people are going to compare me to my dad no matter what. It's something I didn't want to be compared to. I wanted to be Sean May and have my own identity and that was part of the reason I came to Carolina.

Would you have gone to IU had Coach Bobby Knight still been the coach?

I knew if Coach Knight was there I'd definitely be at Indiana. We had talked about that for years and it was just something that was going to happen.

Other reasons for leaving Bloomington --

This was the best chance for me to go out and be on my own. Having my parents right there wouldn't have allowed me to grow up and figure out things on my own. My dad can help me with a lot of things, but sometimes when I'm having trouble I can go back to my apartment and figure it out on my own. Being at Indiana wouldn't allow me to do that.

You talk to your father often?

At least 10 times a day – easy. We talk a lot. We have a great relationship.

Are you worried about getting a bad reception at Assembly Hall?

Of course I'd like to go there and have everyone cheer me because I'm at home, but I know I'm going to get booed. I was there when Luke Recker came home and played with Iowa. I'm going to go in there with the mentality not to do too many things. I'm going to play the way I'm supposed to play and help my team get a win.

On his recruitment –

A lot of people don't know that I never really got recruited by Indiana. Coach [Mike] Davis felt that because I was an Indiana kid and my dad played there that it was a done deal. … Once Coach Knight left, I knew Mike Davis pretty well, we had a great relationship, but I didn't know the other coaches all that well. It was a bad recruiting process for me in terms of what Indiana had done. When I made my lists of all the positives and negatives, the positives matched up better with North Carolina. … I knew once I got done with basketball [at UNC] if I got hurt or needed help finding a job, I could just go down to Coach [Dean] Smith and he could help me out.

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