UNC-Virginia Doherty Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Matt Doherty's postgame quotes --

"It is hard because I thought that our kids really dug deep and gave a great effort and were in position to beat a good basketball team. We just missed some shots during a key stretch in the second half. We had some critical turnovers in the second half and some mental mistakes at the end -- fouling Mason and throwing the ball away."

"I am really proud of the guys' effort because they could have just folded their tents after the last two games, but they did not. They really gave good effort, drawing charges, getting loose balls, getting tough rebounds. We were in position to win a basketball game against one of the better teams in the country."

"I am proud of our guys and I really want to thank our crowd because a lot has been said about our fans. But, I'll tell you what, we had 20,000 very supportive fans out there that really gave our team a lift, and I appreciate that greatly."

"We didn't want to foul Mason; that was clear. I hate to talk about inexperience, but there were some plays of inexperience down the stretch. I am trying to be delicate in saying that, but it is a mistake; we were not trying to foul Mason."

"Part of the problem the last few weeks is that we have to be held accountable for our mistakes and that was certainly a mental error."

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