Sexton: 'Carolina was the place for me'

Late last night Laurinburg (N.C.) Scotland quarterback Cameron Sexton finally pulled the trigger on a decision that has weighed on him since the beginning of the summer. Choosing North Carolina was obviously something some predicted from day one, and the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder admits it has been in the back of his mind for a long time.

"Sure it has been in the back of my mind," remarked Sexton. "It's a home school; it's been something I'm comfortable with, but there were times when I really wanted to go to Florida State and there were times where Virginia Tech looked really good. Just like every kid goes through your ups and downs -- you think about it everyday.

"There were sometimes I really wanted to go to those schools, and here late in the game South Carolina came in. That would have been a great place to play football and Steve Spurrier would have been a great coach to play for, but overall Carolina stuck through it and did everything they could and I just really thought I wanted to go there."

Sexton couldn't pinpoint one specific thing that put the Tar Heels over Florida State and South Carolina, who comprised of his final three. And although he might have been sold on UNC for a while, the three-star prospect had to go through the process to make sure it was the right fit for him.

"I really don't know -- I think it was a bunch of things," explained Sexton. "I think I finally came to a point where I was ready to decide and I was ready to pull the trigger. I have wanted to play football at Carolina for a long time. There were some big time visits and stuff that had to be made and I had to hear what they had to say. In the end there were a lot of things that I looked at going into the decision and a lot of stuff people won't see but I just think that Carolina was the place for me.

"What Carolina has over the other two schools, I think it was playing time. With Coach Bowden, I think he's going to be there for a while. I think he's an unbelievable coach, there were some questions on his age of course, but that wasn't really it.

"It was just overall I just thought North Carolina would be the best place for me. South Carolina really got in it late. I really didn't have the time to investigate it. It was intriguing -- I really thought about taking a look at them with Coach Spurrier there and he really, really impressed me. But I think it was just time for me to make a decision and I wanted to go to Carolina."

Sexton will take an official visit this weekend to Chapel Hill, and then plans to just relax, with the weight of his decision no longer on his shoulders. He will graduate on December 16th and enroll at North Carolina on January 12th.

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