Tuesday's Football Press Conference w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – UNC coach John Bunting, Chad Scott, Jesse Holley, Jason Brown, Jonas Seawright and Doug Justice spoke to the media on Tuesday...

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"They have a defense that is physical and big. They've got some young linebackers that are very fast. They're very, very well coached. That staff has been there forever. Their offense has got some similarities to ours. I have a great deal of respect for their head coach and coordinators. I love playing in Charlotte, and the opportunity for all of our students and fans to come. This is a great opportunity. It's been fun."


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"People never heard about Utah until this year. We went up there and got our backs kicked in. The plane ride back, the walk to the plane, getting off the plane…walking around campus the next day; it was just embarrassing. They really put a shellacking on us. We knew we had to put it together then, or there were going to be a lot more games just like that – embarrassing. Our seniors, [Jason] Brown, Darian [Durant], the coaching staff and myself, we wouldn't let this team fold."


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"You never think this would be that long of a road back. But, when I committed here to North Carolina, before I ever put on the uniform, I knew we were going to have to go through some rebuilding. We had a tremendous senior class [in 2001], and we lost a lot of good players. We lost a lot of leadership. The next couple of years, it depended on a lot of the younger guys to get things done. We didn't know what it took."


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"From the William & Mary game all the way to the Duke game, I'd say it was a great success story, because coming into the season, people didn't give us any credit. The only people that gave us any credit were us, the team, everybody on the staff and the die hard Carolina fans. We knew how good we were capable of being. As the season went on – we had some ups and downs; we had some wins and losses – we kept learning; we kept gelling."


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"We have practice set up now so that the younger guys can get some more individual work, and it allows the older guys to get a lot of individual work and just work on our basics, which is always important. It's going to be great for the team, because it's something we can build on for next season. A lot of teams are done; they don't have the extra practice time."


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"All I wanted out of high school was a chance to compete for a job. It's very satisfying. Although I didn't play much before, these last four games have been the highlight of my career. I wouldn't trade the last part of my senior season for anything in the world. I've played against some of the best opponents and come out pretty strong. I thank my coach for giving me an opportunity the last part of the season, and everybody that believed in me."

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