Tire Bowl Ticket Giveaway!

Enter to win the Inside Carolina Tire Bowl prize package - including 4 game tickets!

The Prize:
WIN 4 TICKETS to the 2004 CONTINENTAL TIRE BOWL and 4 Inside Carolina T-shirts! PLUS - Your company wins a free 1/4 page ad in the February issue of the IC Magazine, mentioning you as the winner!

Here's How to Enter:
I'm sure that most of you pay homage to the beloved Tar Heels with various posters/paintings/collectibles/shrines in your homes. But how much of a Tar Heel Haven is your office? Have you painted your cubicle Carolina Blue? Does your entire floor take a "long lunch" anytime the Heels are playing in the postseason? Do you name confidential business accounts after your favorite Carolina players? Is there an abundance of Tar Heel fans or are you alone in your Carolina Blue office wear? These are just some possible ideas for your contest entry.

Submit a Haiku expressing why your office is the best place for a Carolina fan to work or something related to this theme by sending an email to audrey@insidecarolina.com. Haiku's posted on the message board will not count as official entries.

The author of the best Haiku, according to the Inside Carolina judges, will win this package of 4 tickets to the game, 4 IC t-shirts and a 1/4 page black and white ad for your company!

The contest ends this Friday, so your deadline to enter is December 17, 2004

Good luck!

(For info on Haikus, check out the "How to write a Haiku" web site at http://www.ehow.com/how_3336_write-haiku.html)

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