Football Recruiting Update - 1/16/02

Inside Carolina interviewed two high ranking targets prior to and following visits to rival universities.

Marcus Hamilton


Inside Carolina – Marcus we haven't talked with you in awhile. Where are you at with your recruiting?

Marcus Hamilton – I have a visit to Virginia this weekend. I'll know better where things are after that.


IC – Do you plan any other visits?

Hamilton – It depends on how the Virginia visit goes. I may visit North Carolina or Boston College if I am not sure.


IC – What about Georgia? I know that they have been listed as among your favorites. Are you still interested in them?

Hamilton – They are kind of still in it too.


IC – Is it fair to say that Virginia is your leader?

Hamilton - I think I'll wait until after this weekend to say that.




Brandon Jefferies


Inside Carolina – Brandon, How did your visit to TN go?

Brandon Jefferies – It went pretty good.


IC – Would you say that it was better than what you expected?

Jefferies – No. It was about what I expected.


IC – Some Internet services are saying that TN is your leader. Is that true?

Jefferies – No. I have never said that. I have four teams that I am still looking at, TN, Carolina, NCST, and SCAR.


IC – Your remaining visit dates are NCST 1/18 and UNC 1/25 with SCAR getting a mid-week. Is that correct?

Jefferies – Yes.


IC – Someone has reported that you are visiting Chapel Hill on 2/2 so I guess that is not true.

Jefferies – I thought that 2/2 was in the dead period? Anyway I am visiting UNC on 1/25.

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