UNC-FSU Doherty Postgame Press Conference

Opening Remarks:

"I'd like to congratulate Steve. He's done a heck of a job, and they've got a good basketball team. I'm disappointed in starting out the way we did. Maybe it's my fault starting out in a zone.

(At this point, Doherty interrupted himself and pointed out a media member.)

"You guys have credentials? So you are with the media, and you are harrassing me when I'm running on the court? You're a fan and the media? You're a fan, so you can taunt me when I come through [on] the court and off the court? And you have a credential? Who is their SID? I don't think that's right."

Responding to a sarcastic remark from the supposed media member asking if Doherty "had a good time":

"I had a great time. A friend of mine just won a good game, but I don't think that's right that you can do that."

(Now Doherty resumed his opening remarks.)

"I think that I probably made a mistake starting out in zone defense. It was good to us against Virginia. Florida State is not known as a great 3-point shooting team. They are capable 3-point shooters, but they shot us out of it. Then we went man, and we got back in the game. Maybe I made a bad decision to start the game, digging too big of a hole for our team, and I apologized to the team for that.

"But I'm proud of our effort, the way we came back and fought on the road. I thought we did some really good things that, hopefully, we can carry over. It's tough. We didn't have the energy. We weren't competing early, and, again, I take the blame for that because of the zone. Then we came back and really fought and did some really good things. I'm proud of my guys. I'm proud of my guys.

"Turnovers and offensive rebounds hurt. That's something that has been a problem. We were getting better. I think in the second half, Steve Kirschner told me we had how many turnovers? Six? But we need to do a better job of taking care of the ball, shot selection. Florida State has some great athletes that can really climb the glass.

"I'm proud of Steve. Steve Robinson, he does it the right way, ladies and gentlemen. It's taken some time, but when you do it the right way, it's going to take some time, and I think you guys are starting to finally see the results down here in Tallahassee."

Can you talk about how important it is to win these road games to stay in the hunt and if you don't get them, you're a step behind and how hard it is to get back in step again?

"Obviously, we're in a hole. We're in eighth place, and that's a big hole. We had three at home – Wake, Virginia, and Georgia Tech, but we lost two at home that I thought we'd have a chance to win. So yeah, we're in a hole, no question. But we're not gonna quit, and we're not gonna stop working. We're not going to stop trying to improve. Now, we have a heck of a test on the road at UConn, and UConn is playing some pretty good basketball."

You were down 71-76 and Brian comes down and takes a three. You called him over and talked to him. Was that about shot-selection?

"There is a play for Brian to take that shot, but I want it to be a good shot. I don't think it was a great shot. I thought it was contested. We didn't have to take a bad three. I wanted a good three, and that would have put a lot of pressure on them if we had hit that shot. We all took a couple of bad shots, and that's going to happen. Good teams take bad shots, too, but we've got to do a better job with shot selection."

"Turnovers, getting good shots, that sets your defense. If you take care of the ball and get good shots, then you can set your defense. Then you don't get hurt with as many box-outs. Even when our defense was set, to Florida State's credit, they had some pretty darn good athletes to go get it."

Do you directly attribute the early energy level, or lack of it, to playing zone, or is that something you've seen from time to time?

"It's hard to theorize, but I think that I take the hit for that. I think that's probably why we came out without a great deal of energy maybe, because we were in a zone. But it's tough to say why."

Was Jason's absence a part of that?

"Jason wasn't here, but there's no asterisk next to this loss or Steve's win. We've been in games against good teams that didn't have their team healthy and won, and we're not gonna give that win back. That's part of playing basketball. We missed Jason, but we didn't lose the game because of Jason."

If you could talk about the last five minutes. You guys were right there, missing shots ...

"I don't think it was so much fatigue as we substituted some of the guys who were shooting the ball. Brian Morrison only played 18 minutes, so that wasn't a fatigue thing. I think we're in pretty good shape, and with ESPN games the timeouts are 2:15, so there's plenty of time to recover."

Late in the game, and you're down six or seven, do you talk about going inside?

"Yeah, we went inside ... we definitely want to go inside, too, but when you're down six with 1:20 to go and you know you can get a good look at a three -- and Brian's a pretty good shooter --that could really hurt them. You like to mix it up down the stretch and I thought we did a pretty good job. I was proud of some of the things we did. Jawad got a look on a deadball situation at a three ... our kids did a good job and I'm proud of their effort."

You talk about the effort, and they brought it again tonight, but again they didn't get the reward. How do you turn this around quickly and go to Connecticut?

"That's the biggest challenge that we face as a coaching staff and as players. I always seem to equate to dating girls -- I didn't many girls -- you date someone, it doesn't work, and are you willing to invest that much emotion into the next date, the next game. You've got to. You've got to. You get burned, are you going to go back? We've invested and gotten burned. Athletics parallels so many things in life. You've got to go back, you've got to keep working at it. We don't have a choice. I really like the look in our guys eyes. I think they were really truly upset that we lost. They believed that we were going to win the game. I don't think that'll be a problem bringing energy to practice on Thursday."

At this point in the conference, can you give your assessment of the league ... ?

"This may sound silly, and I'm not being sarcastic, but I don't really know. I know Florida State and I'm going to start learning about UConn tomorrow. I look at the standings once in a while, but I'm just worried about the next game. You may think I'm lying, I don't know who we play next week. I know we play UConn Saturday. I've got to take it one day at a time. I'm not trying to skirt the question, I just know that if we take care of business, that's all I can control. I can't control what else is going on. I know it's the best league in the country."

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