JV team featured

Dan at Hoopville alerted us to a two-part feature story he has written on the UNC junior varsity basketball team. The JV squad gets very limited publicity and these articles are well worth checking out.

"I think a lot of them have always dreamed of wearing a North Carolina uniform," Wojcik said. "They get to practice in the finest basketball arena in the country, they get to play three hours before varsity games, and they get tickets to varsity games. There are plenty of incentives."

LINK: The Junior Tar Heels - Part 1

As is the case in most situations, along with benefits come costs. For Wojcik and the junior varsity players, the hands down biggest cost is time spent pursuing a dream. The team practices for two hours, four times a week, as well as plays an average of one game a week.

LINK: The Junior Tar Heels - Part 2

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