Chris Taft update

Many call him the best junior in the entire state of New York. And having seen Chris Taft in action last year -- we just might believe that he is.

Taft, a powerful 6-9 PF/C from Xaverian, is starting to notice some coaches in the stands at his games. And he sounded excited about the amount of attention that he's receiving.

"I've seen Pitt up there. As well as St. Johns, Villanova, North Carolina, Syracuse, Seton Hall and Florida too," he said. "They've all been at my game at one time or another."

But the 225 pounder has some schools to add to the wish list also.

"I like Duke, he says, in a matter-of-fact tone, "they're my favorite. I also like Arizona, Syracuse, St. Johns, Pitt and Florida. And I really like North Carolina, too."

As for who's offered scholarships at this point -- Taft thinks all of the aforementioned schools, aside from UNC and Duke have.

Watching him in action -- Taft excels around the basket. And he's really effective posting up defenders. He's got great skills and a large lower body that he utilizes to his advantage on the blocks to average his impressive 21 points per game for Xaverian (10-4). But the big man wants everyone to know that posting up isn't the extent of his game.

"I can do both -- post up, or I can take you off the dribble," he said. "It doesn't matter. I can do both."

He's currently got a 78 average in the classroom and is scheduled to take the SAT this summer.

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