UNC-UConn Postgame: Locker Room Report

STORRS, CT -- UNC basketball players Adam Boone, Melvin Scott, Jawad Williams, and Kris Lang answer questions in the locker room following their 86-54 loss at the hands of the Connecticut Huskies.


What happened in the last few minutes of the first half?

"It's tough to say what happened. They hit a lot of tough shots, Ben Gordon hit a lot of deep 3, Robertson. We kind of let down a little bit once they made their run and we didn't answer it the way I would have liked to answer their run."

Have you had a chance to play against Taliek Brown before?

"Not really, I think I played against him in a camp, but it was like our sophomore years, I really hadn't had a chance to play against him like tonight."

Some people are saying about this game and other games that physical strength is a big part of why the team is getting beat on the boards--do you agree with that?

"Not really. I think a lot of times rebounding is question of will, if you have it made up in your mind and your heart you're going to go after the ball and get the rebound, you'll do it. I think we have that at times but we need to learn how to sustain it and answer a team when they get us down and throw a good shot at us. We didn't do that when we need to tonight."

Have you been able to shut all the stuff that is being said about you?

"Yeah, I think that's one of the good things about this team. We're staying together as a team, we're not really worrying about what everyone says about us. We know that it'll come around for us and we'll start getting some breaks as well."

Do you think you can regroup for the State game?

"Oh yeah, I think we can regroup. This is a tough loss here, but we've got some days, we've got some practice time. We have to get ready for State. That's a big rivalry, that's an ACC team, we'd like to improve our conference record, so yeah, we'll come out prepared and ready for N.C. State."


Can you talk about what you guys are doing as a team to try to stay positive during this run of losses?

"Yeah, despite our losses, we're just trying to play hard and stay together. We know we're missing Jason and we haven't been playing well up to our capabilities, but Coach tries to tell us to stay focused through all this."

What accounts, if anything, for the fact that there's been some games against really good teams that's been close, and then there's been games like today--what accounts for the difference?

"You know, it's basically our intensity. We had some letdowns and turnovers. We try to come into the game and limit our turnovers. Today we came out hard but I think we relaxed a little, turned the ball over a little too much, and they converted."


Do you feel like you guys can get this program back to where it was in a reasonable amount of time?

"This year or next year?"

[This year.]

"This year, it's going to have to happen for us. We've been in a lot of tough positions, I think it's going to have to happen for us. Next year, we'll remember this. I'll be back, Jackie, Melvin, we'll remember this, and everyone who got us this year better get ready to get hit real hard next year."

Do you have any idea how bad the State fans want to beat you all?

"Yeah, you know Julius Hodge is one of my best friends, all he does is talk. But I think will get up to play against State. If we prepare and play hard, we'll beat 'em."

What's been the hardest thing about this year for you--is it an individual thing, or is it the team losing, or is it all the pressure?

"The team losing. The pressure has been lifted from my shoulders, the seniors have done a good job taking that pressure off me. Now it's up to us to go out and play, and we're not playing very well."

Are you surprised at the gap between high school and this level of basketball?

"To me, I'm not having a tough time adjusting at all, I just go out and play my game. Some things happen and some things don't. It takes time. I think I made that transition two games into the season--I realized my role."

What kind of support are you getting from the students and the people you bump into in Chapel Hill?

"They tell me to keep my head up and things will work out, which I do believe. The fans have still been supportive, they're still following us, so it's a pretty good atmosphere."

What did Coach Doherty say when he took you out at the start of the second half, you looked a little unhappy there.

"He said I took a bad shot. It was."


How do you get guys to come back to practice and focus after these losses?

"Actually, the amazing thing is it's not. It seems like the guys start back up from scratch again, I give them that much credit. They're poised very well when it comes to practice, they're not sad or anything, they come out and play hard. It's amazing."

You've never lost to State in your career, is that something that still means something to you?

Lang: Oh very much so. It's a very important game that we played here, but we have to forget it now, we're back in the ACC. Right now we're dead last, 1-4 or whatever, but we have just to keep playing hard. You can't guarantee a win, but we're going to play hard, that's all I can say. We're going to scrap."

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