UNC-UConn Postgame: Jim Calhoun on UNC

You have an appreciation and respect for the North Carolina program--is it bizarre to look at the scoreboard and see you're up 40?

"It's shocking. It's shocking but it happens. It's happened the year that I saw Duke lose all those games in 1995, and you don't believe it's happening. And now you've all forgotten about it as you should.

"I mean, there's hiccups. And basketball, because of kids leaving early, because of so many other factors involved, parity or whatver words you want to use, our sport, men's basketball, is a sports where things can happen...As surprising as it is, it's also human.

"I'm sure when Matt was sitting somplace last year, and I'm not speaking for him, but he's got a terrific, terrific kids who's the quarterback of the football team, who'd give his team toughness. He's got Peppers who's a load to handle who would really help Lang out physically by playing someone else. And they're gone. And then of course he loses the big guy, and life changes entirely different. Those are the kind of things. It's so tough.

"Some asked yesterday, 'Is it more diffuclt to build or maintain?' It's not even a question, it's very diffcult. And what they've done over the years will probably never be duplicated in basketball again.

"John Wooden, think of the great run. The greatest coach, maybe--not maybe--the greatest coach in the history of our game, he had that great 12 or 13 year run. {Carolina]'s had a 25, 30, 40 year run. Those are phenomenal, phenomenal things they've done. My respect for them hasn't gone down one bit.

"I think we'll go down to Chapel Hill next year and they'll have good recruits. And I think they can still win some games this year. They have to get Capel back--obviously that helped us, him not being here this year--but we played well. It wouldn't have made a difference if he was here today."

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