Felton scores career high

Challenge and adversity bring out the best in North Carolina's star recruit, Raymond Felton. Just ask Terrell's Bay...

Felton attained a career high in scoring 48 points on Tuesday night as he led Latta High School to a 94 - 82 win over highly-regarded Terrell's Bay (SC).

Felton's 48 points were the result of a blistering 63% shooting from the field, including an impressive 71% (15-21) from two point range. He also added 11 rebounds, eight assists, three blocks and two steals for the game while only committing two turnovers.

And all this despite the game being Raymond's first in 16 days as he suffered a stress fracture in his right hand on Dec. 30. During the game, Felton hit the floor going for a loose ball and hurt his left elbow but showed no ill effects from either injury.

After trailing in the first two minutes, Latta gained control of the game, with Felton scoring 15 first-quarter points, 10 in the second period, 12 in the third and 11 in the final quarter. Felton was matched up against 6-4 Jason Johnson of Terrell's Bay and then was guarded by Brian Bell for the remainder of the game.

Coach Stephen Smith commented that Raymond "played a tremendous game. A guy hits 48 of your 94 points--obviously we needed every one of his points. I didn't even realize he had that many until the end of the game. I had no clue--he scores so many different ways. They were a good team. They won the state title over the past few years. They were ready for us and he just stepped up to the plate. Those type of games motivate Raymond Felton, more than any type of game--the big games."

Coach Smith also updated Inside Carolina on the status of Raymond's injured right hand.

"Raymond said his hand is fine and hadn't really given him any problems. He's more concerned about his elbow. Just in the middle of a play, going after the loose ball, similar to the situation where he hurt his hand. He was just out there banging hard.

"He wore the brace all last week and took it off his hand on Monday and practiced and had a great practice. He hasn't worn it since. He claims it's not giving him any pain at all. He's got a high threshhold for pain. The doctor told him that if it didn't bother him, don't come back and just play it by ear."

1/15/02 Terrell's Bay;
Score 94 - 82

Felton game stats
Pts.        48 (career high)
FG          19-30 (63%)
3pt         4-9 (44%)
FT          6-10 (60%)
Reb         11 (5 offensive)
Assists     8
TO          2
Blocks      3
Steals      2

Felton Season-to-date, 16 games
Latta Record: 14-3

Pts.        30.4
FG          172-331 (52%)
3pt.        67-155 (43%)
FT          79-110 (72%)
Reb         9.4 (offensive 3.1)
Assists     7.2
TO          3.0
Assist/TO   2.4
Blocks      1.8
Steals      3.6

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