Catching Up with D.J. Augustin

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.--UNC recruit, 6-0 point guard D.J. Augustin, spoke to the media about his recruitment following an 18-point, four-assist performance in a 72-58 loss to Ridgeway (Tenn.) H.S. at the 2004 Beach Ball Classic.

What did you do to your left wrist that you need to have it wrapped like that?

I hurt my hand in a game Friday in New Orleans, and it's been hurting every since, but I don't know what is wrong with it. I haven't had it x-rayed.

And you hurt your ankle in the game today?

Yes, I sprained it today. Well, he didn't say it was sprained; it is probably bruised.

Was it anything major?

I'm going to ice it tonight and see how it is tomorrow.

What is the biggest adjustment you have to make when you play for Brother Martin, as opposed to your AAU team, the New Orleans Jazz?

With Brother Martin I have to do more moving around, more cutting, because with the Jazz I have Taz[min Mitchell] and a lot of really talented players. With Brother Martin, we have to keep moving. I can't just stand around like I do with the Jazz sometimes.

You are ranked as one of the top point guards in the country, and lots of colleges are recruiting you. Have you started to trim your list of schools yet?

I'm wide open right now. I have a top five of North Carolina, LSU, Texas, Wake Forest and Georgetown. That's what I'm looking at right now.

Your father said that Duke was talking to you at one point. Have they had any more interest?

They still send me letters, so they really didn't back off.

Coaches are limited in how much they contact you, but you can call them anytime you want. Who do you call the most?

I really don't do the calling. What they do is call Coach Jackson, my AAU coach. That's how they talk to me. They call his cell phone, and he gives me the phone. I really don't call them that much. My Dad talks to them sometimes.

Who do you find yourself talking to the most?

North Carolina came to see me a few times--Roy Williams. I talk to LSU a lot and Texas.

A lot of high school players from the state of Louisiana seem to remain in Louisiana in college. It seems tough to get the talented kids to leave. How do you feel about that?

I could stay home; I could leave. It's really up to me. I would like to stay home with my family, but if it is a better choice to leave, I'm going to leave. There is not really a difference if I leave or stay.

What makes it a better choice?

Everything. How the school is. Rivalries, like Duke and North Carolina. LSU has as good a chance as anybody.

You played a lot without the ball today. Will you play with the ball, at the point, in college, or will you play without the ball?

I expect to play with the ball because I'm going to be coming off a lot of screens. At the point guard, I'm going to have to dribble a lot and get my teammates open. With Brother Martin, we have a lot of guards, so I can just keep moving and keep cutting.

Can you say for sure whether you have a scholarship offer from North Carolina?

No, I can't really say; I don't know.

What is a time frame for a decision--an early decision, next summer, next fall?

Probably next year, next fall.

How much will the current personnel of a team affect your decision?

When I go to college, I really don't want to be on the bench a lot. I'm going to be looking at who they have leaving and who they have coming. That will really be a big factor in my decision.

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