Tire Bowl Audio: Heels Must 'Finish'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- Players and coaches from North Carolina and Boston College addressed the media from Champions Sports Bar at the downtown Marriott on Wednesday…

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John Bunting (18:38)

  • "I'll be anxious to see how we tackle and ‘fit' plays. What we did well at the end of the season was ‘fit' plays. We will have to ‘fit' plays in order to have a chance against Boston College.

    "It's going to be difficult for me, win or lose, to say goodbye to those seniors, because they have been through so much. The most important word in football is ‘finish.' And we want to ‘finish' it right on Thursday."

    Tom O'Brien (5:27)

  • "This will be our eighth game on national television this year, so we're getting the exposure. That's why we came here, to be champions in the classroom, champions in the community and champions on the football field – and we accomplished that.

    "We fell short of the BCS bowl, and that's hanging over all our heads. But when you look back and see what has happened the previous three years and this year – it's been a pretty good run."

    QB Darian Durant (3:23)

  • Worst memory: "I guess taking that sack against Virginia Tech. If we had won that game, we would have had an ACC championship."

    Best memory: "Probably Miami. To win at home in a night game…it was just a great atmosphere. We knew that we had Miami on national television and we still had bowl hopes. What better team to start a winning streak or get some momentum started against?"

    WR Jesse Holley (3:52)

  • "I've been dreaming…for some reason, a three-touchdown game has been in my head.

    "For some reason the No. 3 has been in my head all week long. But as long as we win…if I catch one, two, three or none; it's all the same."

    SS Gerald Sensabaugh (4:49)

  • "I'm not concerned about our defense staying sharp defensively after the long layoff. We've set a standard for our defense and it's going to carry over. I have no doubt about that.

    "I'm just excited about what they're going to do next year after we win this game."

    C Jason Brown (5:40)

  • "It feels great. Everything has been poured into this thing – this big bowl game. We've gone through so many challenges and so many ups and downs.

    "After the Utah game, we got to a point where every single person was totally committed."

    TB Chad Scott (5:06)

  • "This is as good as I have felt since the beginning of the season. We've had a lot of days off and a lot of the guys that were kind of nicked up are 100 percent now.

    "We're ready to play now; in fact, we may have had a little too much time off. Ronnie [McGill] is looking very fit. He's looking awesome."

    DE Mathias Kiwanuka (3:23)

  • "They have a great offensive line. They're a big, talented bunch, and they're well-coached and I think they understand their offense.

    "They're a big part of that running game, but I've got to give credit to their running backs. I've watched them on film and they're fast. They can hit holes that most running backs can't."

    DT Tim Bulman (4:10)

  • "Their offense has a lot of speed, and especially a lot of experience up front. There are a lot of veterans on that offensive line. They know what their doing, because they've been playing together for a long time.

    "Their speed…you can see it on film. In their games like against Miami, they're running away from them."

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