UNC-CSU: Locker Room Report

Postgame comments from Noel, May, Felton and McCants.

David Noel

On his improved passing:

I just worked hard in the offseason, trying to limit my turnovers, and things like that. And I think it's been coming along really well. I think I always could pass like this, it's just a confidence thing, I think. So I think I've just built my confidence up a little bit more, and it's starting to work for me.

On the team's play over the last two games:

I think we did pretty well. We did a sorry job in the first half sprinting back on defense, they got a couple of easy buckets on us. But at the half we kind of picked it up, after Coach kind of got into us a little bit. We picked it up and kind of shut it down.

On Felton's hot shooting touch:

Man, it's opening up a plethora of opportunities for us. [Laughter] Man, that was a good word! Him knocking down a three point shot is opening up our offense a lot, because now we have Jackie hitting the boards, we have Rashad and his three point shooting, we have Jawad's three point shooting, Sean inside, and now Raymond's outside shooting is really helping the team a lot, because that way guys can't help off of him.

On what new things the team has worked in over the last two games:

Coach is definitely trying to add a few more defenses, because most of the time, the traps that we use, we're trying to open them up a little bit more and have some more traps. We have a couple more offensive plays that we're trying to add, that we don't usually have until the second half of the season. We're working on a whole lot of stuff right now, trying to incorporate it into the last couple of games, giving us a chance to just work hard and play against somebody else who doesn't really know what's coming. So I think it's been good for us.

On watching the bowl game:

I watched it. I think somebody dropped a pass, and I was like, aw man, I would have caught that, just joking. But it was hard watching those guys compete out there, and I did have a little lapse back to my high school days, but I think I'm done.

Sean May

On playing two physical games back-to-back:

Well, I'm feeling great, but some of the other guys, they've got some back spasms, Rashad's knees are bothering him a little bit, some of the guys have had a 24-hour flu or something like that. But we've got a great medical staff, they'll get things under control healthwise, and we just want to get everything in the swing of things before we get into the ACC.

On the things the team has worked on the last two games:

When you play in games like this, it's extremely easy to be selfish, and to try and go get your shots, because you know maybe the other team's not quite as talented as we are. But Coach asked us, hey, I want everyone to be extremely unselfish, let's get better on defense, and let's just continue to run and continue to work on the things we do in practice. And that's how we apply ourselves to these games, just really a fun practice, a glorified practice, because we get to play in front of people and we get to play the game we love. But we know we've got bigger tests coming down at the end.

On Roy Williams's refusal to accept lapses in play:

He made his point clear the last game. He brought us in, and we had a long film session today. You know, Coach is a stickler, because he knows down the line it could come back to haunt you. He got on us today. We're doing a better job. We're maturing, doing a better job of responding to what he wants.

Rashad McCants

On trying to get healthy with a game Sunday:

Hopefully, you know, depending on tomorrow and the next day, how I recover, depending on treatment, I might be able to play Sunday, maybe not. I might need to rest to get ready for the ACC. But I think the practices are important for us as a team to continue developing good habits.

On playing physical teams as a way of preparing for the ACC schedule:

We've seen pretty much everything we're going to see in the ACC, but I think it's going to help us in the NCAA tournament against teams like Oklahoma State who are very aggressive defensively and like to bang. I think it's going to help us down the line.

How do you like the way the team is playing right now?

I love it. You know, guys coming off the bench are contributing immediately. We're not losing a beat out there once we sub, and that's important. That's the caliber of team that we have.

What new things have you worked on over the last two games?

Execution, and defensive consistency. Overall, I think we're doing the right things, but just being consistent about it through two halves is beginning to be a problem for us. But with a whole week of practice coming up, I think we're going to wipe that right out of there, and I think we'll be ready for the ACC.

Can you talk about Marvin's emergence? Was this one of the first games where he showed what he's capable of?

I've loved Marvin ever since he came in. No doubt about it. I knew what he could do. And I knew he was going to help us tremendously. Marvin isn't doing anything that everyone on our team doesn't expect him to do. The bottom line is, he's a great player, and I don't think he's shown people his full game yet. He's just playing a role right now, which is to come in and play as hard as he can.

Are there things people should look for when Marvin does showcase his full game?

Oh yes. Oh man. I don't think you can put it in words. It will be one of those moments, one of those magical moments, kind of like watching Mike play, or Kobe.

Those are some big names to live up to. Do you think he's up to it?

Right now? Marvin's strong in the individual sense. I think he's able to take full responsibility for expectations.

Raymond Felton

Is this the best ball you've played, as far as shooting, in your life?

I wouldn't necessarily say in my life, you know. High school I shot the ball basically the way I'm shooting now. But in my collegiate career, yeah, definitely.

Does this feel a little like the groove you were in in high school?

Somewhat, yeah.

How do you think this team is doing?

I think we're doing well. We've taken a step forward from where we left off last year. But I think there's still a lot more room for improvement. And we've definitely got to improve to be the team we want to be.

Is it hard to find something wrong with what you're doing when you're winning by such substantial margins?

We have to see things wrong. Of course Coach is going to find things, too. That's what a coach is supposed to do. But we've got to find our own things that we do wrong. We have. We're blowing teams out, yes, we're doing a good job playing defense, making great shots, knocking down shots. But we've got to play with the same intensity once we get into ACC play.

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