UNC-W&M: Tony Shaver Quotes w/Audio

The Tribe head coach addressed the media following the game...

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Opening Remarks

I'd say they are a pretty good basketball team, no doubt about that. I think they can have a special season. They score the ball exceptionally well and I really think if they will defend with consistency this year, they will have a great season. Sounds like an old alumnus I guess, more than an opponent coach. I was proud of our effort tonight. When you are trying to build a program as we are, one of the things you have to teach, unfortunately, is consistent effort. And I thought our kids played really hard tonight, maybe with the exception of the opening of the second half I was a little disappointed in. But Hawley Smith and some of our new players really played hard.

On playing this certain defense:

In 18 years of college coaching, I have probably played more zone this year than I have in 18 combined years. WE don't want to be a zone team. Right now, I think to be competitive we have to play some of that. I hope in a few years we will be able to play more man to man. But in answer to your question, we play in some zone as a team, but also regardless of that, if I'm going to play North Carolina, you better play in some zone.

On the score in the beginning and then a UNC blow:

We got a picture of the clock at that point. That's going to be on my wall. I think their trap bother us. We handled the trap well early and they didn't trap as many times early, but we had some turnovers and it led to easy transition baskets for them as opposed to having to work for baskets. And when they did miss shots, I thought they were going to stretch. I thought they got some easy stick-backs. They are massive on the boards for us.

On how important their lead was for 13 minutes:

It was really important to be honest with you. Our league is very good, we don't have a North Carolina in our league, but we don't back up a whole lot. We played Kentucky about a week or so ago and really never completed and were never really in that ballgame. And so for us to get 14 or 15 minutes, whatever it was, where we maybe led for a few seconds, has to be god for our morale and the confidence of our basketball team. I wish we hadn't fallen off the edge like we did. I wish we could have stayed a little more competitive for the next 20 minutes, but we did pretty doggone good.

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