Felton is SC's 2nd all-time scorer

Raymond Felton became South Carolina's second leading all-time scorer Thursday night. <i>Inside Carolina</i> spoke with Felton about the accomplishment.

The Tar Heel signee surpassed Everick Sullivan's 13-year-old record of 2,450 points to become the state of South Carolina's second leading career scorer with 2,451 points.

For the game Felton was 6-15 from the field for 19 points in 21 minutes of action, with eight rebounds and four assists. Coach Stephen Smith fittingly recognized the record-breaking accomplishment, taking Felton out of the game early in the second half, as Latta High School trounced Green Sea Floyd's (SC) by a score of 98 – 52.

At his current rate of offensive production, Felton should easily surpass the all-time South Carolina career points record of 2,695, set by Hartsville's (SC) Roderick Blakeney from 1990 – 1994. He is scoring at a 29.8 point clip through 17 games this season, and has nine games remaining plus the playoffs.

In between classes at Latta High School this morning, Felton graciously answered several questions concerning the recent honor, as well as his senior season for the Vikings. Time was limited but Raymond caught us up on his recent injury as well.

Interview with Raymond Felton

Inside Carolina: First of all, congratulations from Inside Carolina on becoming the state of South Carolina's second all-time leading scorer. You're very close [within 200 points] to becoming South Carolina's all-time leading scorer in a few games from now. What does that honor mean to you?

Raymond Felton: It means a lot but I don't think about it. It's just another accomplishment, another goal. It's another thing that I've received. I mean, I thank God for it, that's who I can thank for it, but it isn't something that I'm tripping for joy about. It's just another thing to me.

IC: Raymond, how do you feel the year is going?

Felton: Oh, it's going great. We're doing some great things as a team. I'm playing well, as a person, getting my teammates involved. I'm doing the things I can do as far as helping us win. Everything is going well so far.

IC: How have you seen improvement in your game this year over last year?

Felton: I've gotten much stronger, much wiser towards the game. Decisions with the ball, just knowing when to take over a game and just knowing when to just get my teammates the ball.

IC: What has been the strongest part of your game this year?

Felton: Penetrating. Making things happen for my teammates. Creating my own shot, taking my (defender) off the dribble.

IC: What part of your game are you working on most right now?

Felton: All parts of it. There's no particular part. I'm just trying to improve in all parts.

IC: How is your hand concerning the stress fracture? Do you feel it is limiting you in any way and are you still getting treatment?

Felton: Oh, it's cool. There's nothing wrong with that anymore. I'm OK right now.

IC: How about your elbow that you hurt during the Green Sea game? How is it?

Felton: That's cool too.

IC: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Felton: The team goal is to go to the state championship. My personal goal is to go there, too. That's basically it—just to win the state championship.

IC: What do you think about the tough season that North Carolina is having so far?

Felton: They're struggling right now. They're not shooting real well from the outside. But, it's OK. A team's going to have their ups and downs but it's OK. The next year we're going to bounce strong. Hopefully, before the end of this season they're going to bounce back.

IC: How does watching UNC play this season let you know where you'll be able to contribute the most next year? In what ways do you feel you'll be able to help Carolina?

Felton: I can help them a little bit at the point guard position, help bring some more intensity to the defensive side of the court.

IC: When do you plan to arrive on UNC's campus?

Felton: Sometime in May.

Felton game stats:
Latta 98, Green Sea Floyds 52

Pts. 		19
FG		6-15
3pt		2-6
FT           	5-8
Reb         	8 (2 off.)
Assists     	4
TO           	2
Blocks     		1
Steals      	1
Felton Season-to-date, 17 games
Latta Record: 15-3
Pts.         	29.8
FG           	178-346 (51%)
3pt.          	69-161 (43%)
FT           	84-118 (71%)
Reb         	9.4 (off. 3.0)
Assists     	7.0
TO           	2.9
Assist/TO		2.4
Blocks     		1.8
Steals      	3.4

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