UNC-MD: Roy Williams Quotes w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams addressed the media following Saturday's rout of Maryland. Read and listen to what he had to say ...

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Opening Remarks:

Needless to say, we're extremely happy with what went on and I'm extremely impressed with my team. At the same time I was very disappointed to about six or eight minutes in the first half. It only cost us one clipboard, so we can afford that. After that stretch, I thought we were really good.

Reyshawn Terry – I've always told the kid you have to be ready when called upon. I was disappointed with Rashad and Melvin at that time. Brought Reyshawn in, he gave us a lift and our defense get a heck of a lot better and after that I thought we played very, very well. I'd like to have saved a bunch of those points and use ‘em later, but at the same time I realize that John Gilchrist was hurt and he's an extremely big part of Maryland's basketball team.

I think we did some nice things. Running the basketball is important to us and I thought we were able to keep the pressure on them by running up and down the court and using our depth and I thought that was a big key. At the same time, I thought defensively we came out with energy early – I wasn't disappointed in that at all, but we didn't do a good job of controlling John's dribble and they got some open shots. But when we settled down I thought we still had the energy and played much more sound defensively.

When you look down and see seven guys in double figures – love that. I've always felt that's the most difficult kind of team to have to play against. And I'll tell you what, too, I got all over Rashad and Melvin and loved the way they came back and played. I got all over Sean for not passing to an open teammate, because one thing we're going to do is we're going to be unselfish and Maryland really surrounded us when we threw the ball in the post and we need to work hard to make a move quickly or get it out quickly. A lot of our turnovers were because post players help on to the ball too long. Give Maryland credit for their defense making us turn it over, but it was a pretty doggone good day for us.

On pulling away from Maryland --

Evidently he played pretty well. Again, during that time period I was a little disappointed in the way we'd played and got on those guys. Reyshawn gave us a big lift and I thought that was important in that time period. It's always another day in this league – one game, one day, one victory. We know we'll have to play them again at Maryland and we'll have to play exceptionally well to have a chance to win up there. ACC is no picnic. I feel good about this one. Marty Schottenheimer, a great friend, used to tell me they'd love to feel good about their wins until midnight, so that's what I try to do – feel good until midnight and then start thinking about who we're going to play next.

Was there anything that ignited that run?

I think it was probably the clipboard that ignited it more than anything [laughs]. At least it had something to do with it. We started playing the way we try to practice – share the ball, move it quickly, and try to attack with more than one guy and try to guard them. Again, during that stretch John drove to the basket, Sean May took a charge and I thought John came up a little gimpy on his hip or knee and that helped us as well. I'm not dumb enough to think it's just our play because it was a not a good day for Maryland.

What was it that allowed Reyshawn to have a game like this?

I have no idea. I've put him in a couple times and he hasn't played well, but today he was ready to play, made a couple shots, got a rebound and did a good job defensively. He got involved in the offense, didn't try to make his own plays and got some opportunities and was able to score.

On the play of Raymond Felton –

He was 5-for-8, six assists and one turnovers and five defensive rebounds. He's playing marvelous basketball for us, he's sharing the ball and switching the tempo. He struggled early with John on dribble penetration, but after the first five or six minutes he really did a nice job of keeping him in front of him And, again, John got hurt. They're able to take some of that padding off his wrist and I think he feels even more comfortable handling the ball with his left hand now.

On bench play –

I don't have any idea if that's the most points we've gotten from our bench, but I think our depth was a huge factor in the game. It looked to me a couple times that Maryland was dragging coming back and we kept coming at ‘em, kept coming at ‘em and we were able to make some substitutions.

I've said all along that we're only as good as we are when we think about being a team and not individuals. Those guys on the bench came in and gave us good minutes. David Noel and Marvin have been sensational all year off the bench, but I thought we got great play from all of them today.

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