UNC-MD: Gary Williams' Quotes w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Maryland head coach Gary Williams addressed the media following UNC's 109-75 victory Saturday at the Smith Center ...

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Opening remarks:
"Early in my career, I changed jobs a few times and you get something like this and it happens once and a while and are situations to build on. I didn't expect it today, but when the other team does everything better than you did that's a possibility and that's what happened today. I thought early in the game we made some shots that kept us in there. We had that lead and then we missed some easier shots than the shots we made to get that lead. That really hurt, and Carolina got a lot of momentum before halftime. Then we came out and didn't play well early and that was the game. You have to move on quickly from something like this because you play Tuesday night at Wake Forest. Hopefully, we'll play better. You have to be tough enough to get up when it comes time to play Tuesday night."

We're you disappointed that your team wasn't able to fight back today?
"Sure. We were down at halftime here last year, but got it back down to three with about four minutes. I thought we could do the same thing here today. Teams are interesting because even if you have the same guys back, we have everyone back but Jamar Smith, the team doesn't necessarily have to be the same way. Guys are a year older and they get different interests and different things happen. We'll look at this and see how we can get better off of this game. But it was disappointing that we didn't come back."

On Raymond Felton's game:
"Well, Felton's good. He didn't have a great game down here last year and I think he remembered that and he wanted to play well, which he did. He did a good job against us. Obviously, he doesn't need me to say that for him. He's proven that already."

On pulling his starters early in the second half:
"Nobody was playing well, so I was just trying to find guys that could play well. [James] Gist is giving us some good minutes, and Bowers is improving. So, I wanted to get those guys on the floor since the first five or six weren't playing particularly well. It's one thing if the starters played well at the beginning of the second half, but they didn't do that, so we just needed to get fired up."

On telling his team to keep working on defense:
"They shot 58 percent in the first half and 56 percent for the game. So they are a really good shooting team. They have a lot of ways to go. You just can't shut one person down, but I do think that we can play better defense. I was just trying to get them to play harder defensively."

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