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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Sean May, Reyshawn Terry, Marvin Williams and Jawad Williams talk to the media after the team's 109-75 win over Maryland at the Smith Center Saturday. Read and listen to what they had to say ...

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"It was a great game. We knew Maryland is a good team and they'd come in here ready to play. They did a good job in the beginning running with us, but Coach said ‘Keep running and eventually they'll break.' We don't think any team in the country can run with us on a consistent basis."

Are you conscious of when a team's will breaks?

"On one play right at the end of the first half, there was one play where you could just see it. They had two guys not cross halfcourt on two plays in a row . It just seemed like they got tired. We knew that if we brought the hammer down at the beginning … I think that was the difference between this year and last year – last year we were up 20 and they came back. This year we said let's put the hammer down and send a message."

Raymond Felton's impact -

"Ray, he's comfortable with our pace. Q struggles a little bit with it only being in the system for a few months and not yet understanding what Coach wants everytime down the floor. It's going to be tough on a freshman. Obviously when Ray is in the game we're a bit smoother."

Reyshawn Terry

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What made you so ready today?

"Coach is always stressing us to be ready, because you never know what might happen, and I just took that and ran with it. … I was just waiting for my turn."

Did you expect a game like this?

"I didn't, but I was just hoping for a chance and took advantage of it."

Rashad said he was probably the happiest for your success today –

"He's always coaching me at practice and on the sidelines, telling me to go at people and take advantage of my time and I did that."

On being comfortable out there -

"I shoot pretty well at practice and I took it like it was practice today. The game felt like practice to me today."

On building on this game -

"I hope coach saw today that I'm capable of coming off the bench and giving our team a spark and hopefully I'll be in the rotation. … This is nothing right here, I've got to continue to work hard in practice and prove to Coach that I'm able to play and under pressure and play with consistency."

Marvin Williams

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On the play of Reyshawn Terry -

"Reyshawn can play basketball. He's a good ballplayer and gave us a spark off the bench and everybody fed off of him."

They were a big team but you guys dominated on the boards …

"That's all that Coach stressed, just boxing out. Because he said they were a good rebounding team, so all we did was practice boxing out. And I guess we did pretty well."

Sum up for your first ACC game…

"Interesting. It was physical, it was tough. I've never played against people of that caliber, that strong, that quick, that tough, but it was fun for me."

Jawad Williams

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On routing Maryland after being on the other end vs. the Terps in recent years - "I'm not looking at it as payback, it's just another game on our scheduled. I'm glad we played well today and hopefully we'll be able to continue to play well everyday."

What about the depth of this team now?

"It'll be the key to our success. If we want to continue to win, we've got to continue to condition and guys have got to be ready. Reyshawn was ready today and he played a big part in this win. … He played a big role for us."

What can you still improve on as a team?

"Defense. Our defense can always be better. Our defense leads to transition baskets, so if we pick it up on the defensive end, our offense can be even better."

Last year they made a big comeback when you took a big lead, what's the difference this year?

"Maturity. We were able to keep our game plan going, continue to get transition baskets and step it up on the defensive end."

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