Sophomore Watch: Isaiah Rusher

Houston is loaded with talent. Guys like T.J. Ford, Daniel Ewing and Ndudi Ebi have all come out of Houston in the last few years. When you talk about guys with NBA potential, Isaiah Rusher's name can't be omitted from the list.

The 6-10, 225-pound Bellaire High big man is just a sophomore, but his ceiling is extremely high. He's already started to put weight on his once rail-thin frame.

Rusher, who averaged a mere 4 points per game as a freshman, doesn't get a lot of touches on the offensive end, despite playing with fellow sophomore Jai Lucas. Part of the reason is because Rusher hasn't shown the ability to handle all of Lucas' passes.

"I just learn to deal with not getting the ball that much," Rusher admitted. "My coach gives players the green light. If they see me, they see me and if they don't, they don't. I can't get an attitude about it."

Rusher, 16, said he'd like to continue playing with Lucas at the next level. The lone school that both players have in common among their top schools is North Carolina. Rusher also lists Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Florida and UConn while Lucas is also favoring Texas and Kentucky.

"He can be one of the top big guys in the country," Bellaire coach Bruce Glover said. "He has that kind of potential and upside. He needs to work a little harder. He's working on his offense and we expect a double-double out of him this year. We didn't go to him a lot last year, but we're starting to get him more involved offensively this year."

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