UNC-NCSU Doherty Press Conference

"You have to give NC State a lot of credit; I think Herb has done a good job. I have always respected Herb as a coach and a person. I thought Grundy and Miller have done a great job, not only in this game, but throughout the season.

"For us, I thought Kris had a fabulous game. We tried to ride him the whole 40 minutes and we did. We just have to continue to keep working; that is all I said to the team afterwards - just keep working.

"It is frustrating to lose, but the only thing I know how to do is keep working.

"I know that, in the past, [NC State] has had seats and access to seats, I guess they trade them out. I saw some red in there; it did not surprise me. They have good reason to be loud. Hopefully, when we go to Raleigh and win over there our fans will be loud. That is just a good college atmosphere.

"We are going to Kris, they know it and we know it. When he [got] jammed, I thought Kris did a good job of finding the open man. For as much as he handled the ball against that defense, to only have two turnovers is pretty good.

"It would be nice to have someone to complement, but we do not. We had a game scheduled at 9 o'clock tonight. Jason was hurt; that is part of it. If Jason played, that does not mean that we would be guaranteed to win tonight."

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