Wright Eying Heels, Others

It doesn't exactly take a trained eye to see that Brandan Wright is the owner of significant talent and potential. All you have to do is watch the graceful 6-9 lefty run the floor a few times and his talent jumps out at you. Not only that, the Nashville (Tenn.) Brentwood Academy forward has the game to match his potential and has emerged as one of the premier players in the class of 2006.

Wright also relishes the chance to play against top flight competition and recently scored 23 points in a head-to-head matchup with Duke-bound senior Josh McRoberts at the Circle City Classic in Indianapolis.

"It's a great honor to go against a player like McRoberts because down in Tennessee you rarely play a guy with his talent," said Wright. "It was a good challenge, he's going to Duke and he's rated top five in his class. I'll take a game like that every time because I'm out there to get better for the future."

Even though he's looking to expand his game, Wright is already operating with an impressive arsenal of scoring tools. He is a very dangerous shooter from 12-17 feet, elevates around the rim and stretches every inch of his long arms for jump hooks with either hand and he can put the ball on the floor for two and three dribble drives. On the defensive end he covers a lot of ground because of his quickness and swats shots with ease.

Because of his body type, game and southpaw delivery he's drawn comparisons to NBA players like Chris Bosh and Rashard Lewis. Much like those two on the high school level, Wright does need to rebound better and needs to add strength.

"I'm still working on strength, for sure," Wright told InsideCarolina. "When I get to college or the pros, I just want to get on the court and I kind of see myself as a combo forward but I like playing the four right now."

The question about just how quickly Wright envisions himself playing in the NBA has already come up several times and he doesn't dodge it. He admits that he wants to explore his draft status in 2006 but is leaning towards college and won't make the jump unless he's assured of being a lottery pick.

Speculation about the NBA hasn't exactly slowed down college recruiters either. Unlike other kids who say they try to ignore who is in the stands watching, Wright pays very close attention to those watching him and has developed a top five list that includes Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky and Georgia Tech. At this point each school but Duke has offered.

"Carolina has been out the most so far this year," says Wright of the Heels. "I like Coach Williams and I like the assistant coach, Coach [Steve] Robinson, he's a cool guy and we talk all the time.

"I like the system that they play with that up and down running style. I also think since Roy Williams got there they have committed themselves more to the defensive end. Last year their defense was ok, but I think they're stepping it up on the defensive end."

One thing that Wright won't do is let the NBA interfere with making his college choice. If he thinks a jump is a viable option he could wait until the spring of his senior year to decide so that he doesn't hamstring a school he's committed to. However, he'd prefer to decide before his senior season.

"It's kind of tough to say right now when I'll decide, but it could be early," said Wright. "I don't want it to be a distraction towards the team so I'm thinking about probably making it towards the fall, but I could let it slide right on through to the very end."

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