Football Recruiting Update - 1/24/02

Inside Carolina talked to several UNC targets concerning their recruiting plans and preferences as signing day draws near.

Jonathan Palmer's Father


Inside Carolina – Mr. Palmer, how did your family like the trip to North Carolina?

Mr. Palmer – It was outstanding. The facilities were great. The academics were great. The staff and the players were friendly. They treated us like royalty.


IC – You went to Clemson after Carolina. How did that go?

Mr. Palmer – It went fine. Nice campus and the people were friendly there as well.


IC – How does the UNC visit compare to the other visits that you have been on?

Mr. Palmer – It compares very favorably.


IC – Would you say that Carolina leads for Jonathan?

Mr. Palmer – We still have a visit to Auburn so I don't want to say. There are a couple of things we to ask (to UNC) but we really like Carolina.




Marcus McNeil


Inside Carolina – Thanks for talking with us again Marcus. I have read where Miami hasn't been talking to you recently. Is that true?

Marcus McNeil – Yes. I am not talking with them anymore.


IC – Does that mean you are no longer considering Miami.

McNeil – Yes.


IC – Does that mean you are finished with your visits?

McNeil – No, I have scheduled a trip to GaT this weekend.


IC – Will that be your last visit?

McNeil – Yes. Probably.


IC – Have you heard how JP's visit went to UNC?

McNeil – No, I haven't spoken to him yet.


IC – Thanks Marcus. We'll talk again after your GaT visit.



Victor Worsley


Inside Carolina – We haven't spoken to you in awhile Victor. How are you doing?

Victor Worsley – Pretty good.


IC – How did your football season wind up?

Worsley – I think we finished about 7-4.


IC – Do you play basketball?

Worsley – Yes.


IC – How is that going?

Worsley – Ugh. I think we are around 4-6.


IC – Well let's talk football. I assume you are still committed to UNC?

Worsley – Yes.


IC – I heard a rumor that State may be after you. Is that true?

Worsley – No. I am not talking to anyone else.


IC – Do you plan to enroll in the summer or fall.

Worsley – I am going to enroll in summer school.





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