Graves Is 'Getting Close'

<b>SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.V.</b> -- Where there's smoke, is there really fire? Rumors circulating about Dudley junior William Graves have been prevalent this week. Is there anything to them?

In the unwritten guide that exists for followers of recruiting chases, one of the hard and fast rules is: if nobody is saying anything, there's got to be a reason.

Anybody who knows Williams Graves or knows what's going in with his recruitment has gone into silent mode. Finding someone to chat with about Graves was easy. Finding someone to tell the whole story was a little more difficult at the West Virginia Showcase where Graves' Dudley team played Friday evening.

The question on everyone's mind ­ or at least it has been in the last week ­ remains: will Graves commit to the North Carolina Tar Heels? or better yet, have they offered him a scholarship?

"He's getting close," Graves' father, William Sr., said from his court side seat at the Butcher Center on the campus of Shepherd College.

Is Graves going to commit on Monday like the current "hot" rumor has linked to him? Is there any truth to the speculation about the announcement?

"No, none at all," said Graves, prior to his team's game.

According to Graves' high school coach David Price, his standout junior (who is averaging 16 points and 9.5 boards this season) has had an offer from the Tar Heels since last season. However, thus far Price has been the lone individual to publicly make mention of such an offer from last year. As for a forthcoming commitment?

"It could happen," Price said. "I don't know when."

Anyone who practices amateur psychology and is into reading body language would have had a field day interpreting this situation Friday night. Basically, something's up, everyone seems tight-lipped about it and because of the veil of secrecy the logical thought comes full circle: where there's smoke, there's fire and it's getting hot around William Graves.

Does that mean a commitment from the 245-pound small forward is imminent?

"I think [Roy Williams and Graves will] sit down and talk, but I don't know when," Price said.

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