UNC-WF: Skip Prosser Quotes + Audio

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser addressed the media following the Deacs' 95-82 win on Saturday…

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On the Game:
"This was a nine hour marathon. I said to the North Carolina radio people before the game that Carolina is such a high caliber team and that brings out the best in their opponents, and I thought it did tonight. I'm proud of our guys, especially our bench guys. I am grateful for the students, I think they are the best in the country. It was a good game between two high caliber teams, but the reality of it is though, this is one-sixteenth of the ACC regular season. We will have a tremendous challenge for us Tuesday night at Florida State."

On making 32 of 32 free throws:
"I think that if you follow us you will see that as an abberation. We needed all 32 of those, especially down the stretch. We knew Carolina would make a run, so I'm glad we made our free throws."

On Taron Downey:
"I had a feeling that he would be a big part of this game. We struggled a bit in the first half and he came off the bench and lit things up for us. I've said before and I'll say again, he's one of the most selfless players I've ever coached, and for that, he's also one of the most popular among his teammates."

On the fact that you have a very nice group of guys, on their toughness today:
"We do have nice kids, and I'm okay with that, I want to recruit good kids, but I thought we did a great job of holding our own today, especially on the glass. We showed some grit and toughness for sure."

On the effectiveness of the double team:
"I've got tremendous respect for May and both of the Williams. We can't take away everything, but attempting to stop them certainly helped. I thought we allowed some open threes, which I don't like to see, but in the end we were not afraid to be aggressive."

On the hustle:
"I tell the guys all the time, if you back peddle, you will lose, if you sprint, you at least have a shot at winning. In the first half I thought we guarded extremely well and the second half was ok but not great."

On Chris Paul:
"I say all the time, it begins at the beginning. Your point guard is like the quarterback of the football team. I said last year, and I still stand by this, that I wouldn't trade Paul for any guard in the country. I have confidence in him, and so do his teammates, that he will play well. He is a very, very very talented player with an excellent work ethic. He can also read and watch television, so he knew the magnitude of this game and I think he stepped up to the challenge and rose to the occasion today."

Have you been waiting for a win like this:
"Well... yes. Despite what those who attend the coaches show say every week, we do practice our free throw shots, and we focused even more on those this week. I'm especially proud of Levy for making his shots. We were beginning to be at the bottom of the bottom of the league in terms of our percentages, so we needed to shoot like that today."

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