2006-2007 Roster and Depth Chart


2006-2007 Roster 
Reyshawn Terry       Sr.
Wes Miller*          Sr.
Quentin Thomas       Jr.
Bobby Frasor         So.
Marcus Ginyard       So.
Danny Green          So.
Tyler Hansbrough     So.
Mike Copeland        So.
Wayne Ellington      Fr.
William Graves       Fr.
Tywon Lawson         Fr.
Deon Thompson        Fr.
Alex Stepheson       Fr.
Brandan Wright       Fr.
  • * Walk-on who was on scholarship in 05-06.
  • The maximum number of scholarships allowed is 13.

2006-2007 Depth Chart

Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman
PG   Quentin Thomas   Tywon Lawson
PG/WG     Bobby Frasor  
WG Wes Miller     Wayne Ellington
WG/WF     Marcus Ginyard,
Danny Green
WF Reyshawn Terry     William Graves
PF     Tyler Hansbrough
Mike Copeland
Brandan Wright
PF/C       Deon Thompson
Alex Stepheson

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