Roy Williams Press Conference Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – UNC head coach Roy Williams addressed the media from the Smith Center on Friday…

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On Miami:
"If you go into any ACC game and you think it's going to be easy, you're going to get your tail whipped. It's not going to be easy regardless of who you're playing, and in most cases, where you are playing.

"I do think they're athletic. Their guards are getting all the attention, but I like their big guys. In conference games, they have two of the top eight rebounders in the game. In rebounding margin, they're second behind us, and in conference games, they're ahead of us. I like their team. I think they have a good balance inside and outside.

"Diaz can score an absurd amount of points in a short period of time."

On turnovers:
"There was a short time yesterday in practice where we were turning the ball over again. So I gave them some incentive to not turn it over, and we were really good for five straight possessions. I asked them if I needed to do that for tomorrow night's game. We just have to have better attention and no careless approach to turning the ball over."

What was the "incentive?"
(Laughter) "It's either do it this way or do some other things. ‘Do you like to play basketball or would you like to be on a track scholarship?' It was great though. For five straight possessions we didn't turn it over and got great shots. Maybe we need to do that for the whole game."

What are you still doing wrong defensively?
"If you sit and watch a game, if somebody takes a shot and it's not over somebody's hand, than we're wrong. You can run triple post, you can run student body left, student body right, it makes no difference. If you take a shot and I'm not there to challenge the shot, we've made a huge mistake. If you watch the game and the guy takes the ball 25 feet from the basket, like Chris Paul did twice with five defenders in front of him and he lays it up, I mean you don't have to be nuclear physicist to figure out that that's sorry defense. If you allow a team to shoot the ball and get a rebound, shoot and get a rebound and shoot it again, you're not finishing the defense so to me those are the three main areas, you have to challenge shots, control dribble penetration and you have to finish the defense. So, we need to do a better job in all of those. In the Wake Forest game, the dribble penetration just killed us."

On Raymond Felton's condition following the Clemson game:
"He cramped up at the end. He didn't appear to have any problems with the cramps yesterday. We held him out a little more yesterday but you know when you get to this point in the season, every team in college basketball is banged up. You show me a team that has everybody 100 percent healthy and not having aches and pains, they're probably not very good because they haven't played very hard."

Are you surprised at Miami?
"You know, I am not surprised but yet I try not to think about the other teams. In the Big 12 and Big 8 the coaches had votes in the preseason ... and at the end of the season coaches voted on all-conference and coach of the year and all those things. So that made you, because I took it seriously. So I tried to know a little bit more about the teams before the season started. Since I'm here and we don't do that, I try not to form opinions whatsoever until the season starts. But I've known Frank [Haith] for a long time, and I knew Frank would do a good job. I still stick with my story I never think about those other teams, I never look down the schedule and determine how we can be, so I certainly don't that that with other teams."

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