UNC-UM: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 87-67 win over Miami Saturday night in the Smith Center…

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Opening Statement:
"Frustrating times, but it's also a W. In this league you better be happy with that. I talked to our guys before the game and said, ‘Buildings don't win games. Players do.' I loved Sean Mays work on the boards. 17 points, 15 rebounds - that's a big time play. We didn't shoot the ball in the hole. We were 1-11 at half from the 3-point line and 5-20 for the game. We're one of the better shooting teams in the country. But give Miami credit for it. They were aggressive, they did some nice things, and they made us miss some shots. We turned it over more than I wanted to, and didn't make all the shots to say the least, but in this league you better be happy about any win. We're in the middle of a stretch here in the league it's extremely difficult. We had a home game and now we go back on the road for one or two. For us, it's a win, it's a win in a great league. Again, Sean on the backboards was probably the most pleasant thing. And I look down there and see five guys in double figures and feel very good about that. I felt defensively at times we were really sharp, but we've got to get better and that's what we talked about. We've got some time this week - we'll let some aches and pains to heal a little bit. Probably take tomorrow off and practice Monday, take Tuesday off, light practice run and shoot Wednesday, and try to have a full practice on Thursday and Friday."

Can you talk about getting their big guys in foul trouble early?
"It was one of the keys that we put on the board before the game started. We've got to get the ball inside and get it where we want to get it. I think it was important for us to get them in foul trouble because they're such a good rebounding team. They were number one in the conference in offensive rebounds, and when those big guys are on the bench it's a lot harder for them to get offensive rebounds. At half it was 20-20 on the rebounds, and we ended up winning that battle 44-33. I do think that was big for us. Sean was able to get some fouls in there. I thought it was good."

With 8:38 left you took a timeout, but you didn't talk to the team, Coach Robinson did. What message were you trying to send?
"I wasn't [trying to send a message], I was just about to explode. I thought I better let somebody else do it instead of looking like an alien creature over there. Sometimes it's best just to not say anything if you can't say anything positive my mom told me a long time ago. I went in and said a couple things, they weren't very positive though. Turned around and went back."

At the very least they did follow the plan by getting the ball inside?
"That was what we talked about, and it was good. And I think at times defensively [we did well]. But we turned it over dribbling it into a crowd. We take a bad shot and it gets blocked. We miss an open shot. We come down and shoot one with one pass. That's four straight possessions. They score a three, they score a basket and get fouled. They get another open one and we foul them. That was a bad stretch there. Rebounding the basketball was important and I think we did a good job there. Early they got some second shot opportunities. I think they had seven points at half on offensive rebounds. They had eight offensive rebounds at half and ended with 10, so we did a much better job in the second half with that. Defensively I think we did some nice things. Diaz made some shots. I guess he had 24 in the second half. But we did a nice job on him in the first half and he made a couple of tough shots in the second half."

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