UNC-UM: Frank Haith Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Miami head coach Frank Haith addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 87-67 win over the Hurricanes Saturday night in the Smith Center…

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Opening Statement:
"I think the last four minutes of the first half was the difference in the game. It's a four-point game with 3:45 left and I didn't realize the number but I think they went on like an 18-1 run. We turned the ball over a couple times. We put them on the free throw line quite a bit and they were very effective. They made their free throws. We were not as aggressive in our attack offensively and that hurt us. But, they're a good team and it's going to be tough for us on nights when Anthony Harris and Rob Hite go 4-26. Those games are going to be tough for us to win against a quality ball club like North Carolina."

On what the team learned from this game:
"Well I think in the last two ball games we've done a great deal of learning. The margin of error is very slim. In our execution we've got to work to get open. We've got to screen better. We've got to time our cuts better. We've got guys whose timing isn't good. We had screening action happening and the ball wasn't in an area to be passed. I think that hurts your continuity. That hurts your flow offensively. I think that's something we've got to get better at."

On Miami's defense:
"Defensively, I thought we were doing a nice job there. In the first half our zone was good and then they just got it going. There at the end they made shots but the game was out of hand. But, I thought for the most part there was a stretch there other than the last three minutes of the first half that we were playing good basketball defensively. We turned them over a couple times. We got our hands on a lot of loose balls. But we were turning the balls over ourselves, offensively, so that kind of negates it. Our offense was not good. But I thought our defense kept us in the game up until the last four minutes of the half."

On Robert Hite's performance:
"Those are things you can't really pinpoint right now. I thought he had a lot of good looks tonight and he just missed some shots. I thought he had some good looks tonight, I did. He just missed the shots."

On keeping the team motivated:
"Well we've just played two top five teams. They're great basketball teams... well coached . . . great talent. We're still developing. We're still growing as a basketball team and as a program. We know where we're at. I do think there's room for improvement. There's room for us to get better. I think we just have to move on from the past two games. We just have to throw this game away and go to work on Clemson."

On Rashad McCants:
"He's a great talent. We played him last year and I think he had 25 on us. He's a tremendous talent. He played with poise today and he's a great player."

On Guillermo Diaz:
"He had a career-high, 30 points. He's playing outstanding. We just need some other guys to get on the horse with him. I'm proud of him. He's not missing a beat."

On the Smith Center being an intimidating place to play:
"Intimidating? Well, you know, we've played at Florida and that's a pretty tough place. We've played a lot of different places that I think are tough. The history here. There's a lot of mystique here. They had a great crowd, an enthusiastic crowd. I would hope that this late in the season we wouldn't let that effect us."

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