UNC-UM: Locker Room + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina players Sean May, Jackie Manuel, Rashad McCants, Raymond Felton and Jawad Williams addressed the media following the game…

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On inside play:
"It's a whole lot different inside now than a couple of years ago. I am getting double teamed a lot more this year, but tonight they really didn't double team me and I was able to attack and get to the free throw line a lot."

On his individual performance:
"I played well, but I could have played a lot better. I had a lot of dumb turnovers throughout the game. Maybe I was over-passing while they were laying off, but I was just trying to get everyone involved. Anytime I get a double double I am pretty happy. They are hard this year with less minutes and Marvin coming in."

On team's performance:
"We did a great job of not letting them get back into the game, but it just wasn't pretty. Coach wasn't too happy, but we did get a win though that's all that matters. There are still a lot of things we need to work on because we are still not where we need to be."


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On team not putting together a complete game yet this season:
"We had a bad offensive game tonight and we haven't a game yet where everyone is clicking and dong what they are supposed to do. We are in the heat of the season, so we still have some time to grow. The sky is the limit when we finally play a complete game together."


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On team's poor shooting performance in 1st half:
"It just shows we can win ugly games. We've yet to play a good game this season as a team collectively that's what's so scary because we have just been blowing teams out. Once we start playing well it will be really exciting."


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On team's defensive job on Hite and Diaz:
"Those guys take the majority of the teams shots so we just had to stick with our defensive principles and make sure when they took a shot we had a hand in their face."

On Diaz's 30 point performance:
"Me personally, I don't want you to get above 10. He shot the ball well so you can't take anything away from him he did a great job."

On Coach Williams frustration:
"Coach is not looking at today's game, it's a game we have to focus on, but he's also looking at the big picture. We have got to execute. We can't go on these dry spells and think we're going to get out with that."


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