FBall Recruiting Update - 1/29/02

Inside Carolina interviewed two of the best lineman in the South that are considering North Carolina.

Brandon Jefferies


Inside Carolina – Thank you for talking with us Brandon. How did your visit to Chapel Hill go this past weekend?

Brandon Jefferies – It was nice. Real nice.


IC – What did you like about it?

Jefferies – Well the entire visit went well. Of course I like the academics and I had the opportunity to meet the new OL coach.


IC – What did you think of Coach Hunter?

Jefferies – I really liked him. I like the way he uses OL and the techniques that he likes to teach.


IC – Do you have any favorites among your five finalists (TN, UNC, NCST, UGa, SCAR)?

Jefferies – Well….not really.


IC – How about a top two or three or has anyone been eliminated?

Jefferies – No. They are all about the same.


IC – I read a quote attributed to you that you want to play at an SEC school rather than an ACC school. Is that true?

Jefferies – What I said was that I want to play at a place where I can be successful (both in college and in the pros).


IC – Do you feel that all of your final five schools can provide an opportunity for the success you are looking for?

Jefferies – Yes.


IC – You have one more visit this weekend with South Carolina. Is that correct?

Jefferies – Yes. That will be my last visit.


IC – How soon do you think you will decide after your visit?

Jefferies – Probably really soon. Maybe Sunday night after my visit, well better make it Monday.


IC – Thanks Brandon and good luck with your decision.



Jonathan Palmer


Inside Carolina – Jonathan, how was your visit to Auburn?

Jonathan Palmer – It was a really good visit.


IC – How would you compare it to your other visits?

Palmer – It was up there with the North Carolina visit.


IC – Were those your two favorite visits?

Palmer – Yes, those were my two favorite visits.


IC – Do you have leaders among your finalists?

Palmer – Yes, I like Auburn and GaT slightly over UNC and Clemson.


IC – I read that UNC does not have your preferred major. Is that why UNC is not one of your leaders?

Palmer – Yes.


IC – What majors are you looking for?

Palmer – Either Computer or Electrical Engineering?


IC – Has UNC discussed whether Computer Science could be an option for you?

Palmer – Yes. I'm looking at that pretty closely. UNC is not behind by much.


IC – I saw that Marcus had similar concerns about Engineering. Have you and he talked about Computer Science at Carolina?

Palmer – Yes we have talked and are still thinking about it.


IC – Do you have engineers in your family?

Palmer – My brother is an engineer and I have several family members that are also engineers.


IC – When do you think that you might decide?

Palmer – Probably by the end of the week.




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