Scouting Report: Tywon Lawson

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's basketball recruits. In this edition -- committed 2006 point guard Tywon Lawson.

Tywon Lawson
5-11, 180
Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill

His strength is that he's a versatile point guard. I don't know if he's the best passer, shooter or playmaker, but I do know that he combines a lot of those attributes to make a really good player. There are some point guards that may be the best at one of those categories but he is the best combination of all of those categories. And unlike so many other points, he's never really had a problem balancing scoring and assists.

One of the unique things about his game is that he has a burst to the basket – he's a ‘changes speeds' guy. And Lawson is really strong. He's really strong, doesn't mind contact and he'll get himself into the paint and isn't afraid to make a play and his body helps that. If he can't get all the way into the rim, he'll pull up and hit a floater.

He's still the best point guard in the country.
Clearly his game has advanced to the point where he's so confident in his own abilities that he's just starting to put the polish on the aspects of his game.

He's a smaller point guard and he doesn't have a real high release point on his jump shot. As he progresses and rises in level, he's going to have to figure out a way to elevate higher on his perimeter shot to make sure he gets that off every time.

Signature Performance:
The scoring he did at a high level in big time environments this summer -- 40 pts in a Nike Camp game, the explosion at the Peach Jam -- that's a product of his confidence soaring through the roof. He knows he's the best at his position and he's done nothing but back that up. So his signature performance is just a coin flip between the Nike Camp and Peach Jam. What he did at the Peach Jam was as strong a game as a guard can have, but for historical perspective, his 40-point game at the Nike Camp, well, guys just don't do that. It'd be harder to give someone a better scouting report than what he did there.

No. 8 – I thought he was challenged by Sherron Collins, and they both challenged each other. But after a couple months of watching the AAU circuit, he's still the best point guard in the country.

Final Thoughts:
Tywon Lawson is strong, fast and versatile – the best point guard in the class. I don't think it's unrealistic to think that Lawson, given the usual growing pains, will be one of the best guards in the ACC as early as after his freshman season.

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